“Canada is the place where maple syrup is its own food group.”
― Jenny McWha

My first ever solo trip was to Canada. I boarded a plane in July 2010 and headed to Montreal where I knew no one. For the next three weeks I’d be taking part in French lessons in the morning and exploring the city in the afternoons. I had the best time and I vowed one day to return.

When Thom and I first started dating we’d talk about travelling and one day asked each other whether there were any countries we’d consider living in (besides the UK). We both said Canada and set in motion a plan to do it together one day. We agreed we wanted to live in London first after graduating and so that’s what we did. After two years in London we headed off to Canada in January 2017 in search of fresh air, new scenery and a more outdoorsy lifestyle.

Since we’ve only just moved you can expect new posts to be cropping up regularly. Don’t forget to check back!

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So, how’s Canada?

Checking in with a little update post because a) It’s been ages since I did the last one and b) we’ve now been in Vancouver for almost two months (time flies!). I’d say two months is enough time to say whether…

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Lindeman Lake, Chilliwack

During our house sit in Chilliwack at the end of June, we decided to take an afternoon trip by hiking to Lindeman Lake. I’d seen pictures of Lindeman Lake when looking for things to do in Chilliwack. It’s emerald green…

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Where to find free water when you live in a van

Alongside wanting to know where we shower when we’re living in our van, Elvis. People tend to wonder where we get water. I hate buying small bottles of water and so stocking up on these just wasn’t an option for…

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Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, Vancouver

Before we came to Vancouver I’d seen plenty of pictures of a suspension bridge high up in the forest above the city. In most cases this was Capilano suspension bridge, but not always. What I hadn’t realised was that there’s…

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How much does it cost to travel Canada for one month? My spend breakdown.

Maybe it’s just because I’m super nosy but I always like to see how much people end up spending when they’re away travelling. Quite often it shows you don’t need to be a millionaire to travel and it’s a good…

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Ottawa is THE place to be this year

2017 is a huge year of celebration for Canada. That’s because this year marks 150 years of Canada as a nation! Every national park in the country is free to enter and you can expect this year’s Canada Day (July…

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Our first month in Canada

We’ve been in Canada for a month. A whole month. Already! I figured it was about time I updated you about what we’ve been up to in our first month and what’s coming next. (This acts more as a reminder…

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The best places for downhill skiing near Quebec City

After a skiing weekend where you can combine some city culture with skiing adventures? Look no further than Quebec City. There are several places to go downhill skiing near Quebec City and all of them offer something different. Whilst eastern…

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8 photos which prove Quebec City is a winter wonderland

I’d heard Quebec City was supposed to be pretty. What I didn’t realise was just how pretty it was. Covered in snow and at temperatures of -25 degrees, Quebec City was a real life winter wonderland. The Christmas decorations were…

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Poo-what?! What is poutine and where to find the best ones!

Mention the word “poutine” to someone who hasn’t been to Quebec in Canada and you’ll probably hear “poo-what?!”. But poutine is the signature dish of Canada’s Quebec region and is a point of culinary pride. It’s been over 50 years…

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