In Peru I spent about 5 days in a small seaside town called Mancora. It’s got a bit of a reputation for being a party destination but it seemed pretty quiet when I stayed. We spent all day long on the beaches reading books and slathering on factor 100 (I’m not even joking, factor 100 is a thing in South America). Instead of drinking beer after beer we opted for milkshakes, they weren’t thick and creamy like an oreo milkshake from Byron Burgers but they were probably one of the best milkshakes I’ve had. Creamy, sweet and not as thin as milkshakes are with just regular milk. How did they manage it?!

We visited the little restaurant on our last day and chose a seat with a view of the bar area so we could see exactly what went into them. The secret? – Evaporated milk!

Whilst the sun was still shining last weekend I made a banana milkshake and flicked through the new Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine. This is the ultimate milkshake recipe and it couldn’t be simpler! Just bung everything in a blender, whiz for just over a minute so it goes a bit frothy and that’s it! Of course it’s better with a chocolate cookie along side it…

Using one banana makes the milkshake very ‘bananery’, use 1/2 of one for more of the sweet milk taste. Oh, and don’t stop at banana flavour! Try adding frozen berries, chocolate powder or anything really!

ultimate milkshake recipe | That Adventurerultimate milkshake recipe | That Adventurerultimate milkshake recipe | That Adventurerultimate milkshake recipe | That Adventurer

What flavour would you choose?

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