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36 Hours in Norwich

36 Hours in Norwich

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Let’s face it: most of the time we don’t have the time for a lengthy, involved holiday. Yes, those are fun every once in a while (or however frequently your job/finances/life will let you escape!) but what to do in between? Embrace the art of the ‘flash trip’ – day or weekend trips around the country are completely doable, and loads of fun.

If you find yourself with 36 hours to spare one weekend, hop a train and spend 36 hours in Norwich; a beautiful, entertaining city full of history and culture.

Norwich Accommodation

First thing’s first: sort your accommodation. Norwich and the surrounding area have some incredible B&Bs, hotels, cottages and guesthouses to suit any budget or preference. Have a browse on Visit Norwich and find the best arrangement for your situation.

Getting to Norwich

Norwich train station is your best bet: it’s located right outside the city centre, so you’re well-poised to step off the platform and into your Norwich experience. (Tip: if you’re coming from London, trains travel direct from Liverpool Street, and it takes about 2 hours to get there. Check Greater Anglia trains for more specific details, and to find out the cheapest times to travel.)

Exploring Norwich

One of the great things about Norwich is how easy it is to travel hundreds of years back in time. A good place to start is the Norwich Cathedral: even after about 1000 years, daily services are still held every day within its impressive walls. (Tip: the area around the Cathedral is gorgeous too – make sure you take a stroll through Elm Hill, which features quaint shops and narrow cobblestone streets)

Shopping in Norwich

Under the castle is Norwich Market, one of the largest open-air markets in the country. Founded in the late 11th century, this market is home to about 200 vendors of everything from flowers to homemade cakes to household items – check out this map for more information.

Eating in Norwich

After all that learning, shopping and general exploring, you’re going to need to refuel. The perfect place to fill up is Jamie’s Italian Norwich– located in the Royal Arcade (which is also well worth a visit!), this welcoming, family-friendly restaurant features delicious, authentic Italian cuisine and is the perfect spot for anything from a quick spot of lunch to a three-course dinner.

Drinking in Norwich

Feeling a bit thirsty after your long day out on the town? Pay a well-earned visit to The Fat Cat Pub, which regularly has over 30 different ales, lagers and ciders to choose from – including their own range of Fat Cat Brewery beers! Check out what they’ve got on at the moment, and see if your mouth doesn’t start watering…

So there you have it: you don’t need loads of time to enjoy the sites of Norwich. Pack your overnight bag, book that train ticket and get exploring!


Tuesday 1st of November 2016

Hannah im considering to move into Norwich just for 11 months to study. I am a very normal girl, I am a little bit anxious :P and I love this types of cities that arent stresfull and with friendly people. Would you recommend me Norwich? Thank you

Hannah Kacary

Tuesday 1st of November 2016

Hey, I think Norwich is great. It's quite a small city so if you get a bit anxious in bigger it's probably a pretty good size. Are you able to go visit for a day to see what you think?


Tuesday 8th of December 2015

I was back in Norwich at the weekend but didn't really get to see anything :( I always end up rushing about catching up with family. By the time we made it to the city it was dark and we just went to the forum for a quick coffee. I need to plan a longer trip!

Chloe X

Hannah Kacary

Tuesday 15th of December 2015

Thats definitely the problem when you have family somewhere - you always end up just seeing them and nothing else!