4 things keeping austin weird

‘Keep Austin Weird’ is the slogan of the city of Austin in Texas. It was intended to promote local businesses but has now grown hugely and is pretty much the slogan of Austin. Austin isn’t weird in a bad way. In fact, it’s weird in the best possible way! Here are 4 of the best local business that are helping to keep Austin weird!

Cathedral of Junk

cathedral of junk keeping austin weird


The Cathedral of Junk was created by Vince Hanneman and stands proudly in his back garden. He’s successfully created a rather impressive piece of art out of other people’s rubbish. There is an array of colours, and so many varied objects if could keep you entertained for hours. There are even old CDs repurposed as wind chimes!

As the Cathedral of Junk is in someone’s garden make sure you arrange an appointment with Vince by telephone (+1 512 299 7413) before just turning up on his front doorstep.

Museum of the weird

keeping austin weird museum of the weird


Museum of the weird is located on 6th Street in Austin. It’s full of weird oddities such as a two-headed chicken, a mummy, a “fish man” and a slideshow full of weirdness f.or just $5

It’s bound to make you stare and exclaim “what is that!”.

It’s a small place and won’t take much longer than 20 minutes to wander through but it’s a prime example of places keeping Austin weird.

Check out the castle at Graffiti Park

graffiti park austin

Probably the least weird thing on the list but quirky nonetheless, the castle at Graffiti Park is an entire park devoted to graffiti with a castle at the top. There’s even an educational programme given for kids!

Due to the nature of the area, the artwork is always changing and whilst there’s some of you typical “I woz ‘ere” scribblings, most of it is pretty impressive.

Uncommon Objects

museum of the weird austin


Located on what quickly became my favourite street in Austin, South Congress Avenue, Uncommon Objects is a shop full of (y’guessed it) uncommon objects. It’s a bit like an antiques shop, or someone’s carefully arrange garage and attic all in one.

You’ll find old spoons, stamps, postcards, dolls heads, cabinets and so much more. It’s definitely a fun place to wander around and you might even find something you want to add to your own home!

Have you been to Austin? Anything else you’d add to the list?

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