The number of street food trucks Chicago has been on the rise in recent years as city authorities have relaxed regulations. Paying one (or five) a visit when you’re in town is by far the best way to eat like a local and discover authentic foods.

Sure, Chicago may not be as buzzing as Austin or Los Angeles, but fewer food trucks means you’re more likely to be able to try them all! Book yourself a central hotel in Chicago so that you can easily visit these Chicago street food trucks. Get ready to feast!

chicago food trucks
Image via Flickr by Zolk

5411 Empanadas

Street food is best when eaten without the need for cutlery and when there’s minimal mess involved. This makes 5411 Empanadas the perfect choice.

These baked empanadas are nice and flaky and are available throughout Chicago. Opt for ham and cheese or Malbec beef and caramelized onion with Parmesan.

The best thing? You need more than one to make a meal! Either try lots of flavors, or save yourself for the next tasty food truck.

Where to find it: Lake and Stetson, Adams and Wacker, Clark and Monroe, Daley Plaza
Twitter: @5411empanadas

Yum Dum Truck

At Yum Dum Truck you’ll find tasty treats such as Thai chicken basil dumplings and baowiches (how good a word is that!) for only $3.50.>

This Korean-inspired menu also has other Asian treats such as the spicy kimcheesey rice balls: arancini stuffed with cheddar, kimchi, jalapeños, and topped with jalapeño Sriracha mayo. Yum!

Where to find it: University of Chicago, Wacker and Adams, Daley Plaza, Clark and Monroe
Twitter: @YumDumTruck

The Salsa Truck

Chicago’s first licensed food truck is also one of its best, and with a permanent spot besides the Garage at 116 N Aberdeen, The Salsa Truck is also easy to find.

Try the tacos with tender carnitas and rajas with onions and lime for something light but filling.

Where to find it: Beside the Garage, the NBC Tower, 600 W Chicago
Twitter: >@Thesalsatruck

Chicago Pizza Boss

You couldn’t possibly miss out on a pizza food truck when talking about food trucks in Chicago! This street food truck is hard to miss, too, as it’s enormous and painted like an Italian flag.

There’s a long line, but it’s worth the wait. Keep it simple and opt for the margarita, which comes with a drizzle of olive oil and grated Parmesan on top.

Where to find it: Regularly at Daley Plaza
Twitter: @chipizzaboss


Combining the traditional street foods of both Germany and Turkey might seem strange, but that’s what the folks at DönerMen have done.

The chicken kebab is a winner, but it’s hard to pick between that and the currywurst. Covered with a rich, tomatoey curry sauce and served with fries, this is one currywurst you can’t afford to miss.

Where to find it:Clark and Monroe, the University of Chicago, 600 W Chicago
Twitter: @Dmentruck

Hungry? Chicago’s best food trucks have definitely left me feeling peckish!