Kitshack Buff Headwear

Imagine if there was an item you could put in your backpack that was so versatile it would solve a whole variety of problems. It’d be useful in both heat AND cold and it added virtually no weight to your backpack whilst travelling. You’d want to know what it was, right?

That’s where the Buff comes in. In effect it’s a tubular piece of fabric that is extremely useful when travelling. My Dad used to take them skiing to combat against wind chill (although I never really realised they were a ‘thing’ back then), I used one whilst trekking the Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu in freezing temperatures to try and keep SOME heat in  my body, and my boyfriend used one while we were sweating our way through the Peruvian Amazon. I wasn’t lying when I said they were versatile.

Kitshack Buff Headwear

Putting on a brave face in the chilly Andean mountains

Buffs come in many different varieties. There’s the traditional type made from 100% polyester microfibre. This makes it wind-resistant, breathable and able to soak up moisture. This means it’s perfect for all sorts of outdoor adventures; it’ll keep you warmer though, prevent you from the full-blown force of wind and help keep your head dry in soaring temperatures.

The Buff range also includes a narrower, ‘slim fit’ Buff especially for women, kids’ Buffs, dog’s Buffs, fleece Buffs, thermal Buffs, balaclava Buffs, Buffs that protect you from the sun, infinity scarf Buffs…the list goes on!

Kitshack stocks a huge range of Original Buffs and their colour choices are almost limitless too! Starting at £15 this is one item you won’t regret investing in when you’re off adventuring. Kitshack kindly sent me a new Buff for future outdoor adventures so I thought I’d show you some of my favourite ways to wear them! There’s at least 12 ways to wear a Buff and I challenge you to come up with some other ways to wear one!

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Kitshack Buff Headwear

*This Buff was sent to me by Kitshack for the purposes of this review. I strongly believe Buffs are one of the most useful things you can pack when off adventuring, so thought it’d be great if you could win your own!

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