When I was travelling through South America last year, I took it as the perfect time to watch a show I’d heard everyone (particularly my littler brother) raving on about: Breaking Bad.

I downloaded the shows, filled my ipad up with them and watched endless episodes on overnight bus journeys. It kept me entertained for a good three months of exploring the continent and even a few weeks once I’d returned.

When I saw the last episode I was left with a “what now” feeling. What on earth was I supposed to do now it was over!?

abq london breaking bad pop up

Well, earlier this year I caught sight of a tweet about a new London popup. A Breaking Bad popup named ABQ London.

I eagerly signed up to the waiting list and then forgot all about it…

abq london breaking bad pop up

In June I received an email. Tickets were going on sale right at that moment!

I struggled with bandwidth issues and website crashes and eventually found myself in posession of two tickets for the coolest popup around.

Held near Victoria Park in east London there’s been an RV (an exact match of the one in Breaking Bad) cooking up some mysterious drinks involving dry ice…

Watch the video to find out more about ABQ London.


  • ABQ London is on until 23rd October
  • Each experience lasts 2 hours and you’ll get to make and drink two (delicious) cocktails. It actually ends up being a bit more than this as you can get a top up.
  • Buy tickets through Billetto or check the Facebook group for spares.
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