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Anatom Boots review: Q1 Ballater ultralight shoe

Anatom Boots review: Q1 Ballater ultralight shoe

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I get through shoes and hiking boots pretty quickly. When I’m not hiking mountains I’m walking dogs around Vancouver and I rack up at least 20,000 steps every day. Whether I’m out walking dogs or mountains I prefer a lower boot, more of a hiking shoe, if you will. I’ve recently been trying out the Anatom Q1 Ballater Ultralight hiking shoe and I’m very impressed with the comfort and durability of it. If you’re looking for a new hiking shoe then be sure to check out this Anatom boots review.

About the Anatom Q1 Ballater shoes

anatom q1 ballater hiking shoes

The Anatom Q1 Ballater shoes are like luxury for your feet. They’re made from high-quality Italian leather and have a cushioned Vibram sole (something I now look for as I wear holes into my soles so quickly usually!). 

They’re also super lightweight and give you a bit more freedom around the ankle thanks to the lower cut. I much prefer this but if you’re looking for something a bit higher there’s also more of a ‘boot style’ available

And if that wasn’t enough, these shoes have a tri.aria waterproof/breathable membrane too. This is Anatom’s holistic approach to sustainable comfort and is at the core of their performance philosophy. The Tri.aria combines waterproofness, breathability and Care to create a highly comfortable shoe.

Why I love these Anatom hiking shoes

Having hiked on these with snowshoes and without I think it’s fair to say I’ve put them to to the test. Here’s why I love these Anatom hiking shoes so much. 

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They’ve got Vibram outsoles

Vibram is a brand of outsole manufacturer, and they produce soles for different types of boots. You can find them on many brands nowadays. It’s something I look for as they seem to last a lot longer than non-vibram soles.

Usually, I’ve got a hole in the bottom of my shoe within 6 months, but with my last pair of shoes with a Vibram sole the upper part of the shoe wore out completely (holes everywhere) before the sole even came close! 

The fact that these boots came with Vibram soles was a big tick in my book! 

Waterproof Leather

These boots are also waterproof and made from leather which is proven to last a long time.

The 2mm Italian Full Grain Waterproof Leather used in these shoes works a treat! Snowshoeing usually leaves you with pretty wet feet but these kept my feet feeling much drier than usual. 

The shoes also come with a detailed guide on how to care for your footwear. This helps you keep the waterproofing strong for years to come. 

anatom ballater ultra light shoe

Super comfy

As mentioned above I much prefer shoes to hiking boots for the extra mobility and the fact that they’re lighter. 

Thanks to the rugged sole and strong leather material these boots are rugged and you’re not going to feel rocks on the bottom of your feet. But at the same time, there’s less weight tiring out your feet as you hike. 

They also feel very soft and there’s some nice cushioning around your ankle and on the tongue of the shoe which is a nice touch!

Oh and with some Teko socks they’re even better! 


For a shoe that holds up to rocky and uneven trails so well and is made of such strong material, you might not expect the Anatom Q1 Ballater shoes to be so light but they are! 

I feel like I could go running in these and instead of feeling like I’m thumping along the trail, I feel more like I’m bouncing! 

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