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Bay Tour, Santa Cruz, Galapagos

One of the organised trips we did take on the Galapagos was a half-day Santa Cruz bay tour, in a glass bottomed boat.

The first spot we headed to was an island about 15 minutes away where we saw a few sea lions and opened up the glass bottom to spot some fish. We then headed off to a bay near “shark tunnel” where the braver amongst us embraced the chilly water and did a spot of snorkelling.

Afterwards we got back on the boat, sailed over to Love Channel, a small channel carved into the rock by lava.

We then walked to get a better view of Shark Tunnel. Shark Tunnel had more sharks than I was expecting. It’s where the baby and juvenile reef sharks grow until they’re big enough to enter the ocean.

A bit further along the path was “Dog Beach”. I’m still not sure why it’s called that, it seemed to have nothing to do with dogs! We were on the look out for a whale which had been spotted by another group just minutes before, but unfortunately had no luck. There were plenty of marine iguanas though.

The last stop was “Las Greitas”; a channel carved by lava, much like “Love Channel” but bigger and you’re permitted to swim there. Never missing the opportunity for a swim I jumped in and was pleased to find the water was really quite warm. But the problem with tours is you have to stick to a time frame and I didn’t get to enjoy the waters for quite as long as hoped.

Notes: The bay tour costs $35 leaving twice daily from Santa Cruz. The price includes a snack and snorkelling equipment

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