the best waterproof coats for autumn

Since I’ve been in Vancouver it’s been pretty much non-stop sunshine. I’m definitely not complaining about it since it’s made me feel like I’m permanently on holiday, I have the best tan I’ve ever had in my life and my new job means I’m always outside so this weather is much appreciated! But, as I’m reminded time and time again by Vancouverites, the rain will come and when it does I’m going to need a waterproof coat!

Apparently Vancouver in winter is a pretty grey place to be once the rain starts. Everyone dons their North Face jackets (in black, or grey to match the skies) and the city becomes a bit less inviting.

Despite what Canadians seem to think it doesn’t really rain all that much in London. So whilst they’ll say “Oh, you’re from London so you’ll be used to the rain”, I’m thinking “Uh yeah, I’ve seen rain but not as much as you normally get”. I mean, check out their average rainfall compared to London and you’ll see what I mean.

Basically I’m going to need a great waterproof jacket and if it’s colourful then that’s even better.

I’ve been looking up some of the best waterproof coats for autumn in Vancouver. While I was doing that I figured I’d share some of my favourite waterproof coats with you too! As you’ll see below my favourites are mostly pretty colourful and I’ve definitely got my eye on something yellow or bright blue. Maybe it’ll help brighten up a fellow Vancouverite’s day as I stroll past?

While I decide which waterproof coat to opt for, sun please stick around?

The best waterproof coats for autumn

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