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Best place to be today lonely planet that adventurer
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Drawing back the curtains I stare out onto the sea, blinking in the low autumnal sun and gazing across to the just visible Skegness buildings on the horizon.

Best place to be today Lonely Planet That Adventurer

A tasty breakfast of pancakes topped with locally produced bacon and lashings of maple syrup whilst looking out onto the sea. Today it’s calm, a gorgeous bluey-grey and dotted with white flecks as the waves break in the distance. Look closely and you can spot grey dots appear and disappear as a seal pops up for breath.

A morning spent reading the papers in the sunshine of an India summer is never a waste of a day, but come afternoon I’m desperate to get out an about.
Best place to be today lonely planet that adventurerBest place to be today lonely planet that adventurer
Wellies on, dogs on leads and money enough for an ice cream on the return journey and I’m off out. My dogs strain on their leads, desperate to jump in the sea and on and off the rocks which currently lie uncovered at low tide. The dark grey rocks covered with mossy looking seaweed make for the perfect rock pools. Tiny fish dash in and out of the shadows whilst crabs scuttle all over. Walking down the deserted golden sand beach, crunching on razor clams and mussel shells with every steps, I stop for a moment to take it all in: the squawking of seagulls, salty smells and warmth of the sun mixed with a gentle breeze.
Best place to be today Lonely Planet That Adventurer Best place to be today Lonely Planet That Adventurer
With tired dogs dragging behind (the sign of a great walk!) it’s definitely time for an ice cream break! Luckily there’s no limit to the options when you live at the seaside. I opt for locally made. It’s creamy with a delicious waffle cone and the helpings are always so generous! Jaffa cake flavour, with soft cakey pieces and tangy orange swirls, has fast become my favourite. The dogs stare up with a hopeful look in their eyes. Sorry you two, but this is too good to share!

Best Place to be today

The rest of the afternoon is spent discovering foodie delights in a local deli, learning about fabulous local producers and picking up new cheese to try later on.

As sunset comes I’m back at home gazing out on to the sea again. The best part about this area of the world has to be its sunsets. Forget Santorini or the Tuscan hills, the sunsets out over the Wash are the best! The sun falls slowly into the sea, reflecting its deep oranges or pink colours on to the water. Sometimes it lights up the whole sky and it’s funny to watch people pull over in their cars, get out and take a picture, before continuing on route. A testament to how impressive the sunsets truly are. This evening the sun looks like a big ball of fire. It falls slowly, touches the sea, and then it’s gone.
DSC00452Best place to be today Lonely Planet That Adventurer
The perfect end to a perfect day. By far the best place in the world to be today.


Where in the world are you today?

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  1. So so beautiful! Nothing beats Norfolk once the tourists have gone home. You’re so lucky to live by the sea.

    Chloe x

    1. I love living by the sea so much! It’s so nice seeing (seaing – ha) it every day! x

  2. What a beautiful place. I do love the sea, I hope to get a chance to live by it one day!

  3. Such beautiful photos!! Like the others have said, you’re so lucky to live by the sea!

    1. It’s such a lovely little town!

  4. Oh so lovely place *_*

    1. Thanks Sara!

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