Just before I left to go travelling I rediscovered the joy of reading through #theyearinbooks; it was great to set a goal of reading at least a book a month. While on the road I haven’t let this slip. Bus journeys are the perfect time for a spot of reading (and blog writing too!). 


When an email popped into my inbox asking if I’d like to be sent a copy of Graham Field’s new book Ureka I jumped at the chance. Ureka sounded right up my street: adventure and travelling with some humour thrown in – great! 
“All trips are the same apart from the differences. We all have changed plans; all have lonely times, battle emotions, good ones and bad ones. We face challenges, sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail and sometimes we succeed by turning our backs on challenges. It’s not an obstacle course with a clear finish line; we don’t get penalty points for missing a bit out or doing some bits twice.”
Graham Field previously documented his journey to Mongolia, on a cheap motorcycle bought on ebay, in his book In Search Of Greener Grass. Ureka is all about his journey to former Russian Republics via Eastern Europe and Iraq. – I thought travelling South America was adventurous, imagine going through the Middle East with whatever your motorcycle can carry! 
Ureka will make you laugh at tales of people met during the journey, at silly rules enforced at border controls and make you wish to travel to the same places. If you’ve ever travelled even a little bit you’ll probably find something in this book that will make you exclaim: “I know exactly what that’s like!”
It’s not soley a travel journal of a great adventure either, but a “thoughtful meditation on happiness.” It’s a reminder of how happiness can be found in the most unexpected of places and that sometimes a change of plan is the best idea.


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