Yesterday was all about Sydney, today is all about our journey to Brisbane and the city itself – or as it’s affectionately known ‘Briz Vegas’!

The drive from Sydney to Vegas is a pretty long one so we stopped off at some typical backpacker places along the route. One of these is a place called Surfers Paradise, where we saw this huge pink hummer!

Before going to Australia I never realised quite how many kangaroos there were and how easy they’d be to see (as well as how good they tasted!). Our drive up coast brought us into contact with a field full of the animals!

Look at the size of him!

We also came across some other furry creatures..

From a hill just outside the city you can get an amazing view of the centre. Not forgetting the view from the bridge at night!

On our night in Brisbane we got shown a really cool old warehouse that had been converted and now put on performances, showcased art work and served drinks. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this place – do any of you happen to know?

As Brisbane itself has more of a harbour than a beach the city has created its own beach, which, as you can see is pretty stunning itself.

I think I preferred Brisbane to Sydney, but maybe this was partly because we had a couple of locals show us around. I’d definitely let Sydney give me another chance to wow me further!

As we continued up the coast on our way to Fraser Island, the WhitSundays and Cairns we passed by a place called Noosa, where we found our dream house:

Tomorrow I’ll cover my visit to Fraser Island and the WhitSundays!

(Have you been to Brisbane? What were your thoughts?)

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