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Budget Adventures eBook

Budget Adventures eBook

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Front cover budget adventures eBookSo you want to go travelling?

I approve! But you’re wondering how you could possibly afford to travel? You feel like you’re spending your whole life working but still can’t afford that much needed holiday? Perhaps you think that after you’ve bought the flights you’ll have no money left to actually do anything?

We’ve all been there, believe me. When I got the approval through for my two year working holiday visa in Canada at the beginning of 2016 I was happy that I’d got it, but disappointed that it had come through so soon.

That only gave me a year to save enough money to move and travel through America for a few months like I’d hoped to. I panicked for a bit, worked out my finances, then panicked some more. There was no way I’d have enough money to do it.

But that wasn’t true…

Then I pulled myself together and realised that yes, yes there was. There were ways I could cut back on spending and put that money towards travel instead.

I wasn’t in a high paying job. At £24,500 a year it wasn’t bad and it’s more than a lot of people earn but given that I was living in London – one of the world’s most expensive cities – that money didn’t exactly go far.

After rent, transport to get to work, bills and taxes I was left with just over £500 a month and that’s before things like food and a social life. There was also the surprise redundancy (with no redundancy pay) mid-way through the year to deal with to.

budget adventures contents pageHow I saved £5,000 in 10 months

That said I managed to save around £5,000 in 10 months without sacrificing my love of travel. I still went on 13 trips and travelled to two new countries. Some thanks to my work as a blogger, but most were funded completely by myself.

The best part? That £5,000 was enough money for me to travel around Canada and America for the last four months.

I’ve travelled from Niagara Falls down the East Coast to Florida Keys, across to New Mexico through Louisiana and Texas and up the Californian Coast to Oregon and Washington.

AND I still have some money left over to help me get set up in Vancouver where I’ll be spending the next 18 months or so.

I’ve been doing this for 8 years

This isn’t the first time I’ve put my budget skills to the test. I’ve been doing this since my first big trip aged 17 where I spent a month in India. Since then I’ve travelled often, sometimes a couple of times a month.

and now it’s your turn…

Maybe you want to do the same. Perhaps you want to go on a trip of a life time. Are you dreaming about quitting your job and hitting the road for the next year? Or do you just want to travel more regularly alongside a job?

Whatever it is the following money saving travel tips will help you to save the money you need for travel and help you stick to a budget while travelling so that you can travel more often and for longer. It’s worked for me over the last 7 years and I’m sure it’ll work for you.

Hannah x

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About Budget Adventures

I gone deep into the back of my brain and put everything I know about saving money for travel, and while you travel, in to the Budget Adventure eBook.

It’s a 40+ page eBook full of tips that’ll help you save enough money to travel more often or for longer. These are the tips I use when saving for a big trip, like my 3 month trip to South America, or my 4 months of travel in Canada and a road trip around the entire United States.

The eBook also helps you save money WHILE you travel. Find cheaper (and FREE!) accommodation, enjoy eating out at restaurants without blowing the budget, and see how you can save money on getting from A to B.

It’s how I earned the reputation of “the one that travels a lot” amongst friends and colleagues. And that’s a reputation I certainly don’t mind.

Budget adventures doesn’t mean you’ll be slumming it either. I’ll show you how.

Ready to have your own adventures? Buy the book.

What’s included?

Inside my new Budget Adventures eBook you’ll get:

  • 40+ pages full of money saving tips
  • Real tips that work. I’ve been using them for the past 8 years!
  • Tried and tested websites & apps for saving money
  • Tips on how to save more money right now
  • Sometimes saving is hard. Find out how I keep my motivation
  • Ideas for making some easy, extra money
  • A guide on how to budget
  • Top tips for first time hagglers
  • How to get free accommodation
  • How to find a three course meal for only £3!
  • My advice for hiring cars without getting scammed
  • Find out how I saved £7,000 on travelling to South America with my ultimate hack
  • Discounts!

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How much is the Budget Adventures eBook?

The eBook usually retails at £2.99. Which, given how much money you’ll save after reading it is well worth it!

Can I see a preview?

You sure can! Just sign up to my mailing list (no spam I promise) and I’ll send you a free chapter all about saving money on accommodation (and even getting it for free!).

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What currencies do you accept?

All of them! I’m using Payhip who work with Paypal and also accept card payments. The cost of the eBook will automatically be converted into your own currently

What do you know about saving money?

Quite a lot actually! I’ve been saving money for travel since I was 13.

Back then it was for a week hiking in the Anatolian mountains in Turkey. To save I washed neighbours’ cars and didn’t spend my pocket money. I did the same a few years later when I spent a month in India. As a student I spent a month in Australia, traveled to Paris, Dublin, all over France and more. And students are supposed to be broke.

budget adventures ebook food chapter

But the big test was when my Canadian visa came through.

I cried thinking I wouldn’t have enough money to actually make the move happen and I really wanted it to.

Flash forward 10 months and I had more money that I ever imagined thanks to my money saving tips. I thought I’d travel for a maximum of 3 months without having to work. But it’s almost 5 months and I’ve still got some money left.

If I’m supposed to be saving money, why would I buy this book?

I get it. You’re money conscious and so am I. This ebook is FULL of tried and tested tips and advice. You could spend months of your life trying generic tips you’ve found on Google, or you could spend less than £10 and get 8 years of tried and tested tips in your inbox in minutes.

What if I want a refund?

You can get a full refund within 14 days.

Have another question? Email me at [email protected]