“Canada is the place where maple syrup is its own food group.”
― Jenny McWha

My first ever solo trip was to Canada. I boarded a plane in July 2010 and headed to Montreal where I knew no one. For the next three weeks I’d be taking part in French lessons in the morning and exploring the city in the afternoons. I had the best time and I vowed one day to return.

When Thom and I first started dating we’d talk about travelling and one day asked each other whether there were any countries we’d consider living in (besides the UK). We both said Canada and set in motion a plan to do it together one day. We agreed we wanted to live in London first after graduating and so that’s what we did. After two years in London we headed off to Canada in January 2017 in search of fresh air, new scenery and a more outdoorsy lifestyle.

Since we’ve only just moved you can expect new posts to be cropping up regularly. Don’t forget to check back!

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Hiking Quarry Rock in Deep Cove

One of the best things about living in Vancouver is that there are SO many hikes nearby. You don’t even have to travel far to get there. Whilst housesitting in North Vancouver we headed over to Deep Cove and hiked…

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How to spend a weekend in Tofino and Ucluelet

I’d heard of Tofino before we came to Vancouver but I didn’t know much about it. Over the last few months of living here so many people have told me they’ve just got back from a weekend there or that…

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Hiking to Garibaldi Lake

I’ve done a lot of incredible hikes this year but one that stands out. There were the incredible views on our hikes in Arches National Park and our hike into the Grand Canyon itself. But one of the best hikes…

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Vancouver’s best independent shops and where to find them

Since we moved into our flat we’ve been on a mission to decorate it with nice, homey bits and pieces. Our places in London were a mis-match of things from both our family homes and cheap Ikea bits. This time…

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Where to stop on BC’s Sea to Sky highway

No matter how long you’re visiting Vancouver for you should definitely make time for a trip with plenty of stops on BC’s Sea to Sky Highway. Otherwise known as the 99, this route winds it’s way up from sea level…

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What to do on an adventurous weekend in Whistler

A few weekends ago Thom and I packed up Elvis (our van) and headed off to Whistler. What followed was an adventurous weekend in Whistler where we packed in a tonne of activities and had a whole heap of fun….

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This is home

An update on our life in Canada!

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Climbing Grouse Grind, Vancouver

Vancouver’s Grouse Grind climb is something of an initiation for those new to the city. When Thom met his now colleagues they asked him if he’s taken on the Grouse Grind yet. We hadn’t by that point but made sure…

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So, how’s Canada?

Checking in with a little update post because a) It’s been ages since I did the last one and b) we’ve now been in Vancouver for almost two months (time flies!). I’d say two months is enough time to say whether…

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Lindeman Lake, Chilliwack

During our house sit in Chilliwack at the end of June, we decided to take an afternoon trip by hiking to Lindeman Lake. I’d seen pictures of Lindeman Lake when looking for things to do in Chilliwack. It’s emerald green…

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