Cheerz instagram photo printing boite a photos

You’re fresh back from your holiday; sand still in your shoes, bus tickets in your pockets, and a new stamp in your passport. Your camera is full of photos and there’s probably another full SD card lying at the bottom of a bag too.

You might eventualy get around to uploading those photos to your computer (if you’re a blogger you’ll probably do it pretty sharpish!), but then what do you do with them?

Do you look at them again? If they’re lucky your photos might get a look over a few months down the line when you’ve yet to book your next holiday but are reminiscing about the last, but do you print them off?

Cheerz instagram photo printing

Since the summer of my first year of university, when I spent my first summer as a student travelling, I’ve been creating scrapbooks.

I fill these scrapbooks with photos, words, ticket stubs, and the ocassional city map I’ve hung on to. I’ve scrap books for my month in India, my month in Australia, my summer spent working at festivals, visiting Dublin, Paris and Canada and I’m still in the process of finishing my scrapbook following on from last year’s three months in South America (hey, I never claimed to be quick at doing my scrap books!).

Recently Cheerz got in contact saying they’d like to print my instagram photos. To which I said “Yes please do! I love having my photos printed!”

Cheerz instagram photo printing

You see, my instagram photos are probably my best photos, but my scrapbooks are filled with photos that are a bit more personal. This includes photos with my boyfriend in who prefers too stay off social media. This means I don’t really end up printing my Instagram photos as I focus more on the personal ones I include in my scrapbooks.

Some companies don’t print instagram photos in a great format either – they stretch them out of proportion a little. Cheerz loves instagram. They’ll print your instagram photos as polaroid prints, posters, magnets or in strips – like you’d get from a passport photo machine only much better quality! They also do boite a photos; boxes full of your photos, Sellotape, wooden pegs and more to help you get crafty and create a master piece!

Cheerz instagram photo printing

I opted for a poster and a boite a photos both of which I’m extremeley pleased with and they’ll definitely brightened up some of the boring walls in our flat!

I’ve played around with different arrangements a little but haven’t decided exactly what to go for yet. I think a little Pinterest
stalking is in order! If you’ve got an idea of what you’d do let me know.

OR better yet, use the code HAN0GE (that’s a zero not an ‘O’) and you’ll get money off your first order! Cheerz to that!


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