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Christmas Gifts For The Tech Loving Traveller

Christmas gifts for travellers

Christmas gifts for travellers

Anker Lipstick Sized External Battery Charger. Amazon, £13.99

Some portable battery packs are hugely expensive and actually pretty huge. This Anker battery charger fits nicely in your pocket (it’s the same size as lipstick), so won’t weigh you down or be a pain to pack into luggage. It’ll give your phone at least one full charge and keep you going before you can reach a powerpoint. I tried out Dina’s during our #giffgaffsnaps photo walk a few weeks ago and it worked a treat!

Kindle Paperwhite. Tesco, £89

Travellers seem to love reading and I guess we have a long time to do it with long car, plane and bus journeys. With built in light technology, the Kindle Paperwhite’s screen adjusts for all types of light – no more glare on the beach!

Personalise Phone Case. Mr NutCase, £varies.

Mr Nutcase has so many personalisation options and the best bit is they offer covers for pretty much any phone on the market! Choose a favourite photo from your travels or make a collage if you can’t choose just one.

Selfie Stick. Amazon, £4.77

Previously I’d have been too embarrassed to get a selfie stick but when you travel it’s nice to be able to get photos of yourself, as well as the view and everyone seems to be raving about how good selfie sticks are! These sticks are pretty cheap, and come in lots of different colours so they’re pretty too! This one can be used with phones and digital cameras.

KnowRoaming Smart Sticker. Knowroaming, $29.99 (free shipping).

How many times have you gone abroad and needed to use your phone but didn’t want to face the extortionate prices? Or how many times have you bought a local sim card and had to keep swapping sims or carry two phones around with you? Well now you won’t have to. This smart sticker by KnowRoaming knows when you’re home and when you’re abroad. When you’re abroad the sticker connects your sim card to the local service. You can manage your account through the KnowRoaming app and use pre-paid credit, so there’s no nasty surprises when you get home.

Tinggly.com Gift Experience!

The beauty of Tinggly is not only the price and the experiences but also how easy it is to buy and book your experience. You simply buy a gift voucher from Tinggly (£80), send it to the recipient with a nice personalised message.

They then browse the experience on offer in over 50 countries, pick one (wishing they could do them all), and you get to feel great (and maybe a bit jealous) knowing you’ve given someone an amazing adventure that they’ll both enjoy hugely, and be extremely thankful for! Play your cards right and they might get you the same gift when it’s your special occasion!

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