Whilst on holiday in Almuñécar we decided to take a break from the beach for a day and headed out on a day trip to Gibraltar. Gibraltar has been in the news a lot recently for its disputes with Spain, but luckily we’d done a bit of research the night before and discovered parking the car outside Gibraltar would make life a lot easier, There’s plenty of car parks in La Linea de la Concepción, which are then just a short walk away from Gibraltar’s border control. If you park in Gibraltar itself you’re very likely to get stuck in traffic for three hours or more on the way out!

Having only heard people around us talk Spanish it was a bit strange to be hearing English again. Gibraltar itself is a bit too much like being back at home for me – so we stayed out of the main centre and headed up Gibraltar’s big rock.

The rock has a huge historical significance as well as offering fantastic views of Gibraltar, Spain, and even Africa! You can choose to walk up or take one of the tourist taxi trips. The explorer in us meant we chose walking.

There’s plenty to see on the rock apart from the views. We bought a ticket (£10) to enter St Michael’s Caves. This price also includes entrance to the Great Siege Tunnels, Apes Den and the Moorish Castle. All of which are worth a visit!

Inside the caves

Apes Den provides lots of entertainment brought to you by some very cheeky Barbary Macaque, the only free living apes in Europe. We seemed to have timed it perfectly to spot some very cute babies.

Just don’t be tempted to feed them or you’ll end up with a fine worth thousands of pounds!

Due to its size Gibraltar really is somewhere you could visit for just one day. So, if you’re nearby why not stop off?

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