“La Paz, Bolivia, is the most extraordinary city.”
— Phil Keoghan

Our first impressions of Bolivia weren’t the best. Perhaps it had something to do with having been on the road for a month. We were pretty weary and our stomachs weren’t in the best condition!

We still enjoyed our time in La Paz and the Salt Flats and even took on the notorious Death Road: my first ever time on a proper mountain bike. Well, you’ve gotta start somewhere!






Cycling Death Road, Bolivia

I’ve barely even sat on a mountain bike. Sure I had cheapish ones when I was younger, but I’m pretty sure they never had suspension and I definitely never really did any mountain biking with them; unless riding around a…

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Salar d’Uyuni, The Salt Flats Bolivia

If Peru is most associated with Machu Picchu, Bolivia is perhaps best associated with the Salt Flats (or Salar d’Uyuni). This huge expanse of salt in Southern Bolivia makes for great traveller pictures and is a pretty unique sight. We…

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Travelling To Uyuni

We split our bus journey form La Paz to Uyuni up slightly. The whole journey takes about 12 hours and is renowned for being uncomfortable, due to a lack of paved roads, and absolutely freezing (the windows actually iced over!)…

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La Paz :: Food

A big part of travel is food. Discovering new dishes is a fun way to get to know the country you’re in, and can lead you to discover delicious new foods (and sometimes not). We first arrived in La Paz…

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La Paz :: Witches´ Market

I´m a big fan of markets abroad.There´s not so many back home, at least not outside of London.When you do find them they´re quite often full of clothes you wouldn´t want to wear and Nike knock-offs. Markets abroad seem to…

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Welcome To Bolivia

First impressions of Bolivia weren’t great. Whilst Peru was full of smiling faces and helpful people, Bolivia seemed grumpier and ruder.   Crossing the border into Bolivia is a pretty slow process. I’ve heard and read it’s even worse for…

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Travel in 2014: Bolivia Bucket List

From here After Peru we’re headed southwards to Bolivia. The country with the highest capital city in the world, and the largest salt flats in the world (pictured above). There’s tonnes to explore in Bolivia but here’s some of the…

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