“Brazil eats, sleeps and drinks football. It lives football!”

           – Pele

We visited Brazil during our three months in South America and timed it inline with the 2014 World Cup. The city was alive with music, dancing and the nation’s favourite sport: football.

We’d bagged tickets to see a game in Rio’s Maracanã stadium. Although it was a 0-0 game the atmosphere was electric.

Everyone warns you about travelling in Brazil, especially in Rio, as it’s notorious for crime. Nothing ever happened to us but we heard stories from other travellers who had been mugged. Be sensible, don’t be flashy and I’m sure you’ll get along fine.

brazil that adventurer

brazil that adventurer







5 things you should know about Brazil

Now that the Olympics is under way, Brazil is in everyone’s mind and there’s plenty of stunning shots of Ipanema beach during the Olympics coverage. Combined, this is making me think back to my time travelling in Brazil two years…

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Foz Do Iguaçu [] Iguassu Falls From Brazil

Iguassu Falls sits along the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and it’s absolutely massive. We gave ourselves two days to view the waterfall from both Brazil and Argentina (we popped into Paraguay too, but you can’t actually see the…

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Sugarloaf Mountain

Having seen a view of Rio during the day we decided to get a nighttime view; which turned out to be far more enjoyable. A sunset view was what we had in mind, but we spent a little too long…

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Trying To Spot Christ

When planning to visit Rio during the World Cup I always knew it’d be busy. But it was something else when it came to visiting the statue of Christ the Redeemer which looks over Rio and is one of the…

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If you mention Lapa to someone in Rio they’ll undoubtedly start talking about the night life there. It’s an area if Rio that’s become famous for its busy bars, street food, and street parties. It also has a couple of…

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A trip inside Rio’s largest favela with Rochina Favela Adventures

Rio’s favelas (slums) are infamous. They’re synonymous with shootings, drug crime, muggings, dirt – pretty much anything bad. Nobody really talks about anything good happening. So why on Earth would we want to go visit one, especially the biggest of…

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A Taste of Rio

It took me a while to like Rio, neither of us were impressed straight away. I’m not really sure what I expected, maybe just more or something. More colour, more music, more Rio?    The first few days in Rio…

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Ilha Grande

When we left Paraty we headed for Ilha Grande, another example of Brazil’s stunning coastline.   Ilha Grande is even more like paradise than Ilhabela. There’s no vehicles allowed in the island – you get around on foot or by…

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The journey by bus from São Paulo to Rio isn’t exactly long (especially when compared to some bus journeys we’ve done!), but we broke it up with a couple of stops along the way. Paraty was one of them. Knowing…

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São Paulo In A Day

The next day I planned out an itinerary with a little help from Tripadvisor. They’ve got some great daily itineraries but I decided to just pick out a few activities to pull together our own plan. Liberdade Reviews say that…

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