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Exploring the Slovenian Lakes. Bohinj and Bled.

Exploring the Slovenian Lakes. Bohinj and Bled.

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We woke early on the morning of leaving Vesna and The Herbal Rooms.

Early as in before 6am…

We had a full day ahead of us to explore beautiful Slovenia and were keen to pack in as much as possible, hence the early wake up call!

We were headed towards Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and then finishing up the day in Ljublijana where we’d standup paddle board down the river: the best way to see a new city.

Taking the car train to Lake Bohinj

slovenia most na soci car train

Vesna had recommended that we take the car train towards the lakes. Something we never would have found out about without her.

We left the village of Plave promising to return one day to explore more of this gorgeous vallley and wound our way through the hills to Most na Soci.

The drive is a beautiful one and the emerald green river is never far from sight.

Arriving for the 7:30am car train there was only us and other other car onboard at this time, although the train can cater for more as well as arbout 30 passengers in the passenger car.

Using the car train is simple and was great fun. There are barriers running along the side, but other than that the train is completely open, allowing you to take in the views.

car train slovenia most na soci

Going through the tunnels is actually quite scary! it’s pitch black and your car wobbles about all over the place. It was a completely different type of transport to anything I’ve come across before and I’d highly recommend it.

Details on the car train in Slovenia

  • If you’re coming from the Herbal Rooms get the train from Most Na Soci to Bohinjska Bistrica
  • Bohinjska Bistrica is about a 15 minute drive from Lake Bohinj
  • The trains costs roughly 16 euros for 1 car & 2 passengers
  • The journey from Most Na Soci to Bohinjska Bistrica is about 20 minutes
  • You’ll go through Bohinj tunnel which is an impressive 6,327m long!

Lake Bohinj

slovenia lake bohinjslovenia lake bohinj

We pulled up to Bohinj at around 8am and had the whole lake to ourselves; it was perfect!

The mountains, lake, forest and just one or two little lake houses: pretty much my ideal location for a house.

The water was perfectly clear, the sun made an appearance and I even dipped my feet in the water!

After wandering around some more and taking plenty of photographs, we got back into the car and headed towards Lake Bled.

slovenia lake bled

Lake Bled

slovenia lake bledslovenia lake bled
Vesna’s other tip for our day in the lakes was to park at the train station in Bled for free parking – a tip we definitely appreciated.

Lake Bled is beautiful too but I far preferred the more isolated Lake Bohinj. If you can, do visit both and be sure to let me know which you prefer!

Bled is the smaller of the two lakes and we strolled around it’s entirety, stopping for lunch on the way.

The castle in the middle of Lake Bled is believed to be the oldest castle in Slovenia. It sits atop a steep cliff rising 130 metres above the water. This symbol of Bled and Slovenia has made the area one of the most recognised  in the world!

After lunch we headed back up the hill to the train station and drove off to Ljubliana for some standup paddleboarding in the springtime sun.

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Sunday 3rd of July 2016

[…] at the opportunity to try this unique form of transport from Most na Soci to Lake Bohinj. Whether with car or on foot, you can board this train as it hurtles through the valley and […]


Thursday 2nd of June 2016

Nice post and glad you enjoyed the trip! I would just add that during summer season the train can get full, so do not count on being alone. Also, turn the headlights on in the tunnels ;-)

Hannah Kacary

Tuesday 28th of June 2016

Yes, I've heard it's much busier around there during summer. Good point about the headlights - why didn't we think of that!


Wednesday 11th of May 2016

I come from Slovenia and I love it when I see these kind of post about my country. I prefer lake Bohinj, because it's bigger, it's surrounded with mountains that I like to hike every year, there are not as many hotels there so it's quieter and the water is better for swimming :) Just a note: In the middle of the lake is a church and a castle is on the north side of the lake ;)