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Four Countries In TwentyFour Hours

Brazil Paraguay border

Or at least is would have been, had our night bus not been late!

Given that we were so close to Paraguay we figured we couldn’t pass up the chance to see what it was like (and of course get another stamp in our passports!). We were going to visit the previous evening but got warned by spa guy on the bus that the bridge that takes you to Paraguay was pretty much a no-go zone at night. Having avoided being mugged in Rio, we weren’t prepared to risk it!
So, the next day we are breakfast in our Brazllian hotel and headedd over the bridge to Ciuadad del Este in Paraguay. Ciuadad del Este is a hub of shopping centres which cheap, tax free, deals. It was perfect timing as I desparately needed to replace my hole ridden Primark shoes!
We returned to Brazil and headed for Argentina to see Iguassu Falls from the Argentinan side (country No.3). The Argentinan side does have a nice park area with lots of woodlands, and it is undeniably pretty, but I personally think you get a nicer view of the waterfall from Brazil.
We decided to book a boat trip right into the waterfalls and got absolutely drenched in doing so. Great fun though, and worthwhile!
We headed back to catch our night bus down to Concordia, where we’d cross the border into Uruguay by taking a second bus to Salto, then a third to Paysandu, and finally a fourth to Tacuarembó!
This turned out to be our longest string of bus journeys yet – 26 hours!

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  1. Wow, that’s an epic bus journey! Also, that couple behind you in the last photo don’t look as though they are having as much fun as you! 🙂