Fraser Island and the Whitsundays are a staple to any backpacker trip in Australia. They simply have to be done. I think you’ll be hard pushed to find many more beaches as beautiful as those on the Whitsunday islands.

Our first stop was at Rainbow Beach where we stayed the night in a hostel before embarking on a three day 4×4 tour of Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world.

If you’re hiring a car or van in Australia then you can pay a fee to use the ferry from the mainland. We used a tour company to get around Fraser Island, which meant we were in a group of about 15, with 5 to one of these bad boys below:

As I was under 21 I wasn’t allowed to drive, but this didn’t mean I didn’t have as much fun! Our accommodation was basic camping – adding to the backpacking adventure which was all provided for us. We cooked on gas stoves and drank goon  (if you’ve ever been to Australia you’ll know what this is!).

During the day we explored the island with the help of our guide and the cars. Fraser Island has many historical spots dating back to when Australia was first discovered.

We survived the dingos of Fraser Island and carried on the journey North towards Rainbow Beach where we would begin our sailing trip around the Whitsunday islands. I for one, had never seen water of such a lovely colour.

Our sailing trip was on a smallish boat where we slept for a couple of nights. During the day we would snorkel, sunbath, eat delicious food and even help out with the sails. It was great fun!

Finishing off the night with this for a sunset wasn’t half bad either…

Have you been to either Fraser Island or the Whitsundays? What did you think?

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