When you think of ‘French food’ you probably think of snails, frogs’ legs, steak tartare and perhaps even French fries. It’s unlikely that duck burgers make an appearance.

However, on a recent trip to Southbank’s Christmas market I stumbled across the street food stall The Frenchie which has been gracing London for a little while now. They’re regulars at Camden Lock and Broadway Market and now they’re adding a bit of French magic over the Christmas period.

The frenchie london

I couldn’t resist the smell of crispy duck, the sight of the shiny glaze on the brioche, or the oozing cheese on the grill. Plans for a more traditional Christmas snack went out the window when we walked past The Frenchie at Southbank.

The frenchie londonThe frenchie london

Choose your cheese between smoked cheddar, goat’s cheese, blue cheese or raclette, add some truffle honey, chutney, mustard and rocket between a delicious brioche bun and you’re sorted.

The frenchie londonThe frenchie London

I went for the goat’s cheese and truffle honey, which melted in to an oozing, cheese-magma and scoffed some chips drizzled in truffle oil on the side.

Southbank Christmas MarketSouthbank Christmas Market

If you visit Southbank you can enjoy your tasty duck burger with views like that above. Otherwise you can go check them out at these locations:

  • Whitecrossst (Wed-Fri).
  • RealFoodFest (Fri-Sun).
  • Camden_Lock (Sat -Sun).
  • Broadway_Mkt (Sat).
  • Brick Lane (Sun).

The Southbank Christmas Market is in full swing at the moment. There’s lots of stalls, foodie delights and even a Christmas tree maze. It’s always one of my favourite places for a stroll in the evening whilst looking out on to the river, and it’s even better now its Christmassy!

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