Having just discovered my journal from an expedition to the Himalayas I thought I’d recount the journey five years on. This post will cover the community phase of the expedition, where we helped redecorate a school in the remote mountain town of Keylong

In 2008 I set off for a month’s expedition to India with a company called World Challenge. This trip came after about a years planning and saving £3000. It’s not easy to save that much money when you’re 16-17 and can only get a Saturday job! But somehow I has put in enough hours, made enough cars sparkly clean and ironed enough clothes to be able to pay for it all.

So 5 years ago 15 of us with 2 teachers and a World Challenge guide got on the plane at Heathrow ready to work in a mountainous community, trek in the Himalayas for 2 weeks and get in a bit of sight-seeing too.

If I’m honest the thought of trekking for 2 weeks scared me, the rest of my group had also chosen the hardest trek we could do! However, that fact only added to the great moment of satisfaction and sense of achievement on reaching the summit!

India’s version of a service (gas) station.

After leaving Dehli we were headed to Manali before starting our community project in Keylong.

Hotel in Manali

A Manali resident

Some of the children in Keylong who were excited to see the changes to their school

We spent a week in Keylong painted pictures and sprucing up the school. We were also acclimatising to the altitude before starting our real climb up the mountains. The message on our bus is probably not what you want to see just before getting on…

Tomorrow’s part two will cover the trek and beautiful photos of the scenery there!

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