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How to get ready for ski season

How to get ready for ski season

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how to get ski season ready

Guys! Ski season is coming and I am so excited! Snow has been falling up in Whistler and Grouse Mountain is starting to look like a ski resort! It’s so pretty! All the shops have transitioned from climbing and kayaking gear to skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing gear and it’s got me thinking about how to get ready for ski season.

There’s a few things to check to make sure I, and you, are ready for ski season. Whilst I have all my equipment I want to check its condition, check I have enough socks, I know I need some gloves and then there’s the small matter of making sure my legs are fit enough to handle the slopes!

Whether you’re a skier or a boarder, make sure you’ve thought about these things so you’re ready for ski season wherever you are in the world!

Make sure you’ve got all the right clothing and equipment

If you’re a seasoned skier now’s the time to get everything out of storage and check you have everything you need. Maybe you lost a glove last year, have a tear in your trousers or your goggles are cracked. It’s better to find out now rather than once you’re getting dressed for the day!

If you’re a new skier then it’s time to get prepared! Skiing or snowboarding does require quite a lot of equipment. You need to make sure you’re warm enough for the snow and chilly winds or you’re just not going to enjoy it.

Ski clothing can be expensive but there’s also some great places you can pick it up fairly cheaply. It’s worth trying outlet stores or places like TK Max/Winners and H&M as you can sometimes get some great deals!

If you’re trying skiing or snowboarding for the first time this season then it might be worth seeing if you could rent a ski jacket or salopettes. It’d suck to spend all that money on clothing and then find you hate skiing after a couple of hours! If you live in a mountain town the outdoor shops will likely be renting out clothing, and if you’re heading to a ski resort you’re sure to find somewhere there that can help.

The basic ski clothing you need to be ready for ski season looks something like this:

Ski jacket

Salopettes or board trousers

Good skiing socks to avoid nasty blisters!

Gloves or mittens

I like a thin-ish glove layer and then some toasty mittens over the top as I get super cold!

Depending on where and what time of year you’re skiing, a thermal top and/or thermal bottoms may be a great idea. I don’t always wear them but I think I’ll be needing them in Canada this year – and I was definitely grateful for them in Quebec this February!

When I don’t wear thermals I just wear any old t-shirt and sometimes a jumper/hoodie on top. If your face tends to get cold then definitely think about getting a buff; you never know when they’ll come in use!

Skiing or boarding equipment

To go with your clothing you’ll also need a few pieces of equipment to get you ready for ski season. If you’re renting your equipment you’ll usually get the essentials (board/skis & boots & poles for skiers) as a set but you can also rent them separately.

Helmets don’t usually come included but in some countries they are a legal requirement. Whether you need one legally or not you should always wear one. Falling happens a lot, no matter how skilled you are, and a helmet can not only save your life but it also helps keep your head warm too!

  • Skis & poles or snowboard
  • Ski boots or board boots
  • A helmet
  • Googles or sunglasses. Sunglasses are good for sunnier days and more casual skiing but I find googles better all round.

where to go skiing near quebec city

Get your skis or board serviced

For those of you with your own skis or snowboard it might be time to get it serviced. If you hit any rocks last season there might be a few chips that need patching up, or perhaps they just need a good wax.

You can wax your skis and snowboard yourself or you can take it in for a service. A service isn’t usually too expensive and that way you’ll know it’s all been done properly! Outdoor shops whether in a ski area or not can usually service skis and boards.

Rent skis or board

If you’re renting your skiing and snowboarding equipment then don’t assume you have to wait until you get to the ski resort before you rent them. It might be worth trying ski shops in the biggest town near the resort you’re going to, or even from a shop back home.

In Vancouver all the outdoor shops (of which there are many) rent out ski equipment and it can be cheaper than up on the mountains. If you’re a Vancouver local then keep an eye open for great deals or discounts on rentals with your lift pass!

Grab your lift passes

Booked your ski holiday accommodation? Book your lift passes now! You can usually get a discount before season officially starts. If you miss the early bird prices then it’s still worth looking as ski resorts tend to offer a bit of a discount just for buying online rather than on the day.

Check out this post on budget skiing in Grenoble for more specific tips!

Make sure you’re ski-fit

You may just be going down a hill but skiing and snowboarding can take a lot out of you. If you’re not been regularly exercising since last season then it’s worth doing a bit more now to make sure you’re ready for ski season. The fitter you are the more you’ll enjoy your ski trip! Squats, lunges and even some yoga will help you get those thighs in gear for skiing!


Are you planning to ski or board this season?


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