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Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande

When we left Paraty we headed for Ilha Grande, another example of Brazil’s stunning coastline.


Ilha Grande is even more like paradise than Ilhabela. There’s no vehicles allowed in the island – you get around on foot or by boat. We took the ferry across, which was a lot longer than I anticipated; 1 and a half hours. Gave me the chance to spot my dream house, well actually, houses – there were too many to choose from! If you’ve got a spare £1,000 you always rent out this island we went past for yourself..
Like Ilhabela, Ilha Grande, is full of beautiful beaches, but with only one full day we decided to make the most of some sunshine rather than trek 4 hours through rainforest (we’ve promised to go back and see more if the island in the future) And the beach we did laze about on wasn’t exactly a bad alternative! 

Our hotel for two nights had the best view ever! If you follow me on instagram you’ll have already seen it, but here it is again:
How’s that for a view?!
(Oh, and as a side note, I’ve bought a cool gadget so I can put photos straight on to my ipad from the camera, meaning instagram will be updated more regularly from now on).
Brazil got throught the group stages at the World Cup during our stay and the island came alive with the sound of drums, tambourines and general joy well in to the night. A little taster for what we might expect in Rio!


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  1. What a view! We took a few “relax” days when we went travelling, in the end, there is no rush and there’s no harm in taking a few days here and there out. We ending camping 3 nights at the beach just for a rest 🙂