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The shoes you need for trail adventures this summer

The shoes you need for trail adventures this summer

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I do a lot of walking. It’s literally my job. As a dog walker in Vancouver I spend my days walking and cycling to tire dogs (and myself) out. And then, if that’s not enough, I love spending my weekends in the forests and mountains near Vancouver. I need shoes that are comfortable, allow flexibility for cycling and aren’t going to have me falling face first into mud (which has happened!). Now that it’s coming into summer I’m also after shoes which aren’t going to let my feet breathe. It sounds like a lot to ask, but you know what? I’ve found the perfect trail shoes for summer adventures: The new KEEN Terradora Ethos shoes.

I’ve recently been testing out the KEEN Terradora Ethos. They came on our trip to the Sunshine Coast and out and about whilst dog walking. I’m pleased to say they’ve been super comfortable, required no breaking in I love the way they look too.

If you’re looking for some shoes to see you through your summer adventures on and off-trail then the KEEN Terradora Ethos could be for you!

About The KEEN Terradora Ethos

keen terradora ethos review

This season, KEEN’s Terradora Range has been extended to include the Terradora Ethos which are a water adaptable shoe made specifically for warmer temperatures.

The Terradora Ethos are a super light shoe which has an open-air design for breathability. They’re great for warmer temperatures and they keep your feet cool whether hiking, running or just working out.

Why I love the KEEN Terradora Ethos

keen terradora ethos review

They’re water repellent & quick drying

The Terradora Ethos have durable water repellent features. I tested this out on during a trail run in Cliff Gilker Park over on the Sunshine Coast. It had been raining the week before so there were puddles and there’s plenty of waterfalls and streams in the park too so it’s generally a wet place. I was splashing through puddles and across small streams without even thinking about it.

If your shoes do start to feel wet then you’ll be pleased to know they’re quick drying. The quick dry lining has Cleansport NXT™ treatment too which means that even on the warmest days and after lots of activity, your feet still feel fresh and dry!

They’re great on all terrains

I tested the Terradora Ethos out on a muddy trail, slippery rocks on a beach and whilst hiking over tree roots and steep terrains. At no point did I feel like my feet were going to slip away. The soles feel tough and have plenty of grip. They look like they’ll last for a good while too which is promising given how much walking I do!

Quick laces

I’ve never had quick laces before but now that I do I don’t want to go back! The elasticated laces are easy to tighten and loosen and you don’t need to worry about them coming undone mid run either.

keen terradora ethos

They’re incredibly comfortable

The KEEN Terradora Ethos are incredibly comfortable. I didn’t need to worry about wearing them in before wearing them all weekend on the Sunshine Coast and finished the weekend blister three.

There’s a good amount of cushioning on the sole; especially in the heel area. The material is very flexible so I feel like it really moves with your feet rather than making your feet move with the shoe.

They’re so light!

When you’re looking for good hiking shoes they tend to be heavy. This is absolutely not the case with the KEEN Terradora Ethos. They’re so light! You’ll almost feel like you’re not wearing anything and I’m convinced you’ll be able to hike or run longer without the extra weight.

They’re made for female feet

The Terradora range as a whole have been made according to the biomechanics of female feet. They’ve taken into account that we tend to have a reduced instep volume and a narrow foot through to the heel.

As someone who has pretty wide feet I thought maybe this wouldn’t be very good for me. However, having worn them hiking, walking and running I’m pleased to say I’m blister free and found them super comfortable. The website notes that these run half a size small, but for me they’re true to size.

About the Terradora Range

The KEEN Terradora range was introduced in 2017 along with the movement that KEEN likes to call Trail:Fit. Simply put, this means turning any trail, mountain or city into an opportunity to get outside and get fit. Something I’m totally onboard with.

The range features seven styles of shoe so there’s one for every type of outdoors adventurer.

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