If there’s one thing I really like about super clubs (besides the inevitably good food), it’s the chance to meet new, interesting people for the evening. You tend to find yourself sat amongst likeminded foodies chatting about your best meals, cooking and a whole host of other things.

My most recent super club experience with Tabl and The Kitchen Creative was no exception.

Claire and Pheobe, our hosts for the evening, first met two years ago when they were working as chalet chefs in Tignes. 2SInce then they’ve stayed in touched and launched The Kitchen Creative using their skills as chefs and Pheobe’s passion for jewellery making to add an even more creative slant to the evening.

The pair love being creative, hosting, sharing skills and spreading their love of fresh, seasonal eating. Which makes for a pretty good evening if you ask me!

After being welcomed to the beautiful Kennington flat that Pheobe lives in, all eight of us settled down to dinner.

This particular menu from The Kitchen Creative was all about fresh, seasonal produce.

Up on the menu first was an Ottolenghi inspired spicy watermelon soup made with chilli, fennel, garlic and cardammon and topped with a homemade pickled watermelon and roti bread.

the kitchen creaive supper club tabl

Watermelon soup might sound a little odd and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I assumed it would be cold, and probably similar in taste to gazpacho. I was surprised, then, to discover the watermelon soup was served hot and didn’t really taste like watermelon. It was more like an incredible, delicately spiced tomato soup. The pickle and roti bread were delicious too!

For mains it was a summer pearl barley risotto with watercress, asparagus and pecorino. I loved the more nutty texture of the pearl barely and it was a lovely light, summery main.

Pheobe and Claire had one more treat in store for us all in the form of gooseberry bakewell tarts with an extremely tast icing and perfectly crumbly shortcrust pastry. The perfect summer  dessert.

I’d highly recommend Claire and Pheobe from The Kitchen Creative’s supper clubs. They’re ideal for a relaxed, fun evening with interesting people and great food. Plus, jeweller Pheobe, is hoping to add some jewellery making sessions to some of their upcoming supper clubs so you can even learn how to make your own pieces!

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