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Laz Paz Food Market

A big part of travel is food. Discovering new dishes is a fun way to get to know the country you’re in, and can lead you to discover delicious new foods (and sometimes not).

We first arrived in La Paz in the evening (following a very, very bumpy bus ride). We found somewhere to stay and headed out in search of something to eat.
In a city as busy and bustling as La Paz you wouldn’t think finding somewhere to eat would prove so difficult. All we could find were fried chicken shops and people on the street grilling hot dogs and burgers. Restaurants obviously exist in La Paz, but not, it seemed, in the area we were in.
Then we stumbled upon Mercarso Larco, a massive market nearby our hotel that serves up all kinds of food, houses florists, pharmacies, table football and butchers. It looks like a multistorey car park but became our go to place for food during the few days we spent in La Paz.
We chose somewhere busy looking and sat down next to some locals who were as engrossed in thejr food as the Spanish soap that was playing on the television. We ordered what they had and were quickling presented with a plate full of beef, rice, chips and an egg (two carbs are the norm in Peru and Bolivia). The grand total 13 bolivianos or less than 1.30.
The street vendors mentioned above also make for a tasty and cheap dinner. But the best deal is lunch time set menus (almuerzos). For around 15 bolivianos (£1.50) you can get yourself a three course meal! Going back to prices at home will be difficult after that!

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