Leaving Cusco meant organising our own transport for the first time (Peru Hop had been the easy way out in that respect). Fortunately Cusco is a pretty easy place to organise a bus from, with many companies heading to our next destination of Puno. Even with our poor Spanish we managed to make ourselves understood.
Puno isn’t really somewhere you stay for a few days, our plan was to leave it the same day as arrival. Puno is simply the jumping off point for visits to the Uros islands, or the floating islands, in Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca is huge, crossing over into Bolivia, and is also 3800m above sea level. It has a few islands on it but only the Uros islands are named floating islands, due to the fact they are made out reeds. 
Uros is extremely touristy and at certain parts it’s almost a bit uncomfortable. Once you’re shown how the islands are made you’re then herded into one of the villager’s houses where they show you things they’ve made in the hope you’ll buy them. Whilst I’d normally have no issue with this it did feel a bit like you’d be sat in their house until someone caved and bought something. 
That aside, the islands are beautiful and unique and shouldn’t be missed. 


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