If you mention Lapa to someone in Rio they’ll undoubtedly start talking about the night life there. It’s an area if Rio that’s become famous for its busy bars, street food, and street parties. It also has a couple of tourist attractions too, such as the Lapa Arches and the Lapa stairs.

Walk through Lapa during the day you’d never guess the roads would be swarming with party goers alongside stalls serving food and caprianhas. The crowds in the pubs spill out on to the streets; creating an obstacle course for taxi drivers.
The Lapa Arches, which had a huge empty space next to them during the day, were completely transformed. Stalls had been set up selling food snd drinks of all sorts. Across the road bars had appeared in what had seemed to be deserted buildings. Drummers played music on the street while people danced to their beat. It was madness – but fun!

The only part of Lapa that looked vaguely similar day and night were the stairs. Both times we visited they were packed with people. I even had my 5 minutes if fame in being recorded for something (I’m not sure what though!). The crowds at night were less touristy (and more intoxicated), though huge all the same.


Have you been anywhere that changes so much from day to night?
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