There are many places in Peru you can chose to see the Amazon rainforest from; we opted for Iquitos, the largest city in the World which is unreachable by road. Our journey would see us take a 4 day boat journey to Iquitos, before venturing further into the forest.

Our first step in our Amazon adventure was to travel by bus for 20 hours: Mancora to Sullana to Tarapoto, followed by a 2 1/2 hour collectivo (like a taxi), to Yurimaguas.
Our final long bus journey on our travels was made to feel even longer by stopping randomly, for no clear reason. There was some excitement when we were pulled over by th police though! The police came aboard, scanned down the list of passengers and dragged one guy off to their police car. They then came aboard again and asked for another man. Noone answered to the name so the police asked for everyone’s ID until they found him – if only we’d known more Spanish to hear what the other passengers suspected as the reason behind the arrests!
When we did eventually arrive in Yurimaguas the Amazon humdity got to us straight away. It was a sort of sweat-while-you-stand-still sort of heat that we were to deal with for the next week!
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