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Our American road trip in print

Our American road trip in print

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If I’m 100% honest, I hadn’t expected to love my MILK photo book as much as I do.

I tend to make a scrapbook of my big trips myself (usually about 2 years after I’ve been on them). But when I received my MILK photo book of our USA road trip from last year I did a squeal of delight. It just looks SO. GOOD (and yes, way better than my scrap books).

When I opened the parcel from MILK, there was a waft of ‘new-book’ smell. The photos are perfectly printed. And even the ones that were slightly under the recommended resolution look great.

From design to delivery, MILK make turning your digital photos into something you can hold incredibly easy.

I know that our road trip book is something I’m going to look over time and time again.

milk photo books review

Designing your MILK photo book

milk photo books review

The design process was a lot more fun than I first envisioned. The thought of going through our thousands of photos from our three month USA road trip was a bit daunting. How on earth was I going to sift through them and pick out the best ones?

But I quickly realised it was actually super fun.

Despite the fact the trip ended only a year ago, I’d forgotten about some of the incredible things we saw and did. I was reminiscing about particular hikes, wildlife and the random things we’d taken photos of that won’t mean anything to anyone else but us.

Designing your photo book with MILK is very easy thanks to their design studio.

You can upload images directly from your computer or device and they’ll be stored online while you work on your book.

I’m clueless when it comes to design but thankfully MILK had my back.

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I like the minimalist look but I really don’t know how to achieve it. MILK has pre-designed layouts so all the hard work is done for you. You simply decide how many photos you want on each spread and then MILK will show you a range of layouts to choose from. You’re free to swap the images around and resize them where desired.

I thinking picking a layout is one of the hardest things about photos albums and scrapbooks and I loved the way MILK help you out with it!

You also have the option to add text, or not, to each page. If you do want text there are different font options too.

At the end there’s a checklist to go through to make sure you haven’t uploaded any images that are too low-res and that text boxes are filled in or removed. You can see a beautiful preview of how your book is going to look before it’s printed as well.

Oh, and if you do get stuck there’s loads of really useful how-to videos within the design suite.

Our MILK photo book

milk photo books review

I opted for a large landscape photo book in linen ivory with a presentation box. That new book smell greeted me as I opened the package and that’s when I did my squeal of delight.

MILK uses top grade inks that mean your photos won’t fade. If that wasn’t enough, the paper used is art quality satin. This has a shine to it, but isn’t as shiny as gloss: it’s just right.

I never thought my photos could look so good and honestly, I want to show everyone.

If you have come back from big trip, got married, are having a baby or just want to show off your photos then I’d definitely recommend checking out MILK!

milk photo books review