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Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo Market, Uruguay

Within a week we’d gone from sunbathing in Rio’s beaches in 34 degree heat, to piling on the jumpers and coats in a chilly 10 degree Montevideo.


Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay; it’s probably one of the view capital cities in the world which shuts down completely on a Sunday.
We walked past a tourist jnformation office and asked what there was to see. We were told that 98% of Montevideo would be shut, but there was a market which only opened on Sundays. We wandered over there and suddenly discovered where what felt like the whole of Montevideo was. The streets were packed with stalls selling everything from rabbits and puppies, to second hand shoes and hotdogs.
Next we headed over toΒ the beach andΒ walked through the pretty park, watching people on pedalos in the lake.
The following morning we headed to the old town (you know how much I like old towns!). Whilst not as pretty as some old towns, it still had some beautiful old buildings and picturesque parks. There were lots of interesting lookin bookshops and trendy looking design and art shops too.
We also discovered an old train station which had been converted into an area for restaurants. Each restaurant had a barbeque or parilla, making the air smokey, but reminding me of family barbeques. If we’d been in Montevideo longer I’d have loved to try one out! However, as our next destination is Buenos Aires, land of steak, I’m sure the carnivore in me would soon be satisfied!

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  1. It’s nice to actually hear of a place that really does shut on a Sunday, forces you to relax and take it easy πŸ™‚ Which is never a bad thing!

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