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The Coat You Need For All Your Spring Adventures

The Coat You Need For All Your Spring Adventures

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musto xvr br1 review

Skiing season is coming to a close and kayaking season is here!

Everyone knows that spring weather can be a bit unpredictable. We don’t have the phrase “April Showers” for nothing. So despite the fact it’s warming up a little, it’s probably going to rain on you mid hike or when you’re out on the water. The temperature might suddenly drop too. In those cases you want something that’ll keep you dry and warm, but not too warm. That’s where the Musto XVR BR1 comes in. It’s waterproof and is compatible with other Musto pieces so you can layer up and keep warm. It’s the jacket I’ll be wearing for all my spring adventures!

I recently took it with me on my trip to the Sunshine Coast where we had rain, wind and sunshine. It stood up to the test of keeping me dry and warm and you can expect to see me wearing it a lot this season.

My favourite things about the Musto XVR BR1

musto xvr br1 review

There’s plenty to love about the new Musto XVR BR1. Here are some of my favourite things about this awesome spring jacket.

It’s super high quality

The jacket is super high quality. It doesn’t feel like the zips are unexpectedly going to break, or the seams will fall apart. It feels durable and as though it’ll hold up during even the most testing of adventures. It’s just what you’d expect since it’s from Musto.

It’s easy to move in

I hate when you buy a jacket and your arms can’t really move very well in it so you have to size up and it’s just too big everywhere else.

This jacket has been specially made to make it easy to move in thanks to the articulated sleeves.

So, whatever you’re up to (sailing, kayaking, hiking or just wearing it around town) you’ll be able to wear this jacket. It gets a big thumbs up from me for kayaking adventures in particular!

It makes you feel adventurous

It’s built for adventure. In fact, Musto say that ‘your adventure is their challenge’. Just the simple act of putting it on will make you feel adventurous.

It comes in three colours

The XVR BR1 comes in three colours; black, blue and white.

It’s actually waterproof

Perhaps the biggest plus of the Musto XVR BR1 is that it’s actually waterproof. The jacket held its own while I wore it out dog walking (very few coats I’ve tried have done this!). The water beaded on top of it rather than sinking straight through.

It also held up when out kayaking. We ended up kayaking in some pretty rough water and despite soaking myself my upper half stayed dry thanks to the XVR BR1.

Musto say it actually exceeds the industry standards for what can be deemed ‘waterproof’. In fact, the BR1 can stand over three times the amount of water it needs to!

It’s compatible with other pieces

musto xvr br1 review

The Must XVR BR1 is also compatible with other Musto pieces. I wear it with the Dock Primaloft XVR Hoody Jacket on colder days. The two attach thanks to loops at the bottom of the hood and the end of the sleeves.

Alternatively, when it’s warmer but don’t want a jumper you can wear the hoody on its own since it’s water repellent: if you do get caught in a shower, you’ll be okay for a while! The hoody packs down super small so you’ll be able to fit it in your backpack easily without it weighing you down.

Features of the Musto XVR BR1

  • Adjustable hem with shell fabric loop in seam to hold cord
  • Zipped pockets with PU surrounds for watertight storage
  • 2-layer showerproof and breathable fabric for persistent downpours
  • Velcro adjustable cuffs keep out rain and spray
  • Fixed hood for complete weather protection

About Musto

musto xvr br1 review

Musto are the world’s leading sailing brand and their products are worn by The Royal Family.

Musto use the same fabric technology in the clothing for their ocean racers as they do in all their clothing. That means their jackets, like the XVR BR1 will keep you dry and comfortable whatever you’re up to.

They’re a British Company and are famous for the durability of their goods. If you buy an item of Musto clothing you’ll get a lifetime guarantee as well as a repairs service.

Buy your Musto jacket here.