Over the last few weeks I’ve been laying around a with a new gadget: the Nokia Lumia 630. I have to admit by the end I was rather impressed.

I’ve never personally used a windows phone before. I always preferred blackberries and then, when I got myself an iPhone a few months ago, I became an iPhone convert. Family members have used windows phones and been disassociated by the lack of apps available, the amount of times it has frozen on them and the camera quality. However, from my experience, it looks like the above are no longer issues when it comes to windows phones. Here’s my Nokia Lumia 630 review:


Nokia Lumia 630 ReviewNokia Lumia 630 Review Nokia Lumia 630 Review Nokia Lumia 630 ReviewFirst up the camera quality. With the stunning phone cameras out there at the moment it’s hard to compete and I’m not saying the Lumia 630 has the best camera out there, but for the price you pay the camera is verged and has some great features.

Such features include the ability to change the ISO, brightness and also has a burst mode. Aspects which my iPhone doesn’t have. However, even with the ability to change the light within the camera, I still think the iPhone take a better picture, especially in darker scenes.

If you’re a selfie love though it’s a bit harder to use the Lumia 630 due to its lack of front facing camera.

Overall: 3.5/5


I’ll have to admit when faced with a windows phone and it’s moving tiles on the home screen I was a bit taken a back and didn’t immediately find it a very easy phone to use. It didn’t take long though to work out the little tricks and ways of customising my home screen to make it incredibly easy to find all the apps I use on a daily basis. By the end of the trial I actually preferred the tile system to the little icons on the iPhone. I loved the way the tiles moved to show when I had a Facebook notification.
Overall: 4/5


Nokia Lumia 630 ReviewThe Lumia 630 does look a lot like an iPhone 5c when you put them side by side. I think it’s perhaps as the back is brightly coloured. I loved the green of the Lumia I used, but it did feel a little too plasticy at the back. Having said that, I personally think the Lumia 630 is more durable and scratch resistant as a result of this.

Overall: 3.5/5


Nokia Lumia 630 ReviewNokia Lumia 630 Review Nokia Lumia 630 Review

The Lumia 630 has a fantastic photo editing app, as do all Nokia phones. This app not only enables you to change the brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights we’ve all become used to having, but you can also do colour pops very easily. Pick the colour(s) you want to show, then just tap in the places where the colour hasn’t gone. It’s fun to play about with!
Overall: 5/5


In the few years since my sister had a Nokia phone there’s been a big increase in the number of apps you can get. The availability of apps has always been an annoyance to me on anything hit an iPhone. People seem to make apps for iPhones and then forget about the rest and, where they are available, the features are never as up to date as the apple versions. However, Nokia phones so now have Instagram, a much needed edition. Whilst still in beta mode and it quite as up to date as the iPhone version, it’s definitely a welcome beginning.  You can now join in with sending snapchats by downloading 6Snap which works in exactly the same way as snapchat. Other apps I particularly liked:

  • Wallet: Store credit/debit card information, paypal accounts and loyalty cards in the wallet app so you can make instore and online purchases quickly.
  • MSN Travel: Trip ideas, flight statuses and travel industry news all in one app!
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Overall: 4/5

Nokia Lumia 630 ReviewNokia Lumia 630 Review

Overall Score: 4/5

Whilst the Nokia Lumia doesn’t make me want to swap from my iPhone immediately, I’d definitely consider it as a real contender when I’m looking for a phone. Perhaps the biggest attraction is its price (from £79.99) the Lumia 630 fills the gap and positions itself nicely as a budget smartphone: something that was noticeably absent. In this case it’s probably the perfect phone for a keen traveller that doesn’t wanted to spend £600 but does want a quality, durable phone.

Oh, and one of the best things? When you type Christmas you get a little Santa face appear!Nokia Lumia 630 Review

*Thanks to windows connects who let me trial the Nokia 630 for two weeks! All words and opinions are my own, as always.

All photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 630