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Since I’ve announced that I’m moving on here I’m EVEN more excited for what lies ahead in 2017. If you haven’t heard the basic outline of our plans click here and watch my most recent youtube video. Whilst we haven’t got any concrete plans, I have been thinking about things I’d like to do and achieve over the course of our Canada and America road trip.

When Cheapflights asked me about my 2017 bucket list I thought it was a great excuse to do a little bit more research and jot down all the things I’m hoping to do in one place. Let’s see how many I manage to tick off before the end of the year!

  1. Finish MOMAR
    I found out about the Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race towards the end of last year and after a month or so of umming and ahhing I’ve actually signed up to do it. Now that I’ve paid the registration fee there’s no getting out of it! The race entails 50km of kayaking, biking and trekking on Canada’s Victoria Island. I’m going to have to learn to kayak, mountain bike and navigate but I do love a challenge. Finishing this will be widtha big accomplishment.
  2. Visit Arches National Park
    arches national park america bucket list

    The scenery of Arches National Park in Utah looks like something from space. The red rock looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to explore some of the 2,000 arches across the park.
  3. Listen to Jazz music in Louisiana
    I don’t know a lot about Jazz music but I do know that I want to listen to some in Louisiana. Surely there’s no better place to hear some sweet jazz than here.
  4. Eat lobster in Maine
    lobster shack in maine america bucket list

    Maine is renowned for its fresh lobster and lobster rolls and I’ve got my eye on a few of these lobster shacks in the state.
  5. See the Grand Canyon
    I’d bet pretty much every American bucket list includes the Grand Canyon. How could it not?
  6. Camp under the stars
    This ought to be achievable given that we’re hoping to buy a campervan but I wanted to add it to this list anyway just to make sure.
  7. Take a kayaking course
    I’ve been thinking about what I want to do for work and I’m pretty certain future jobs for me don’t include sitting at a desk for 9 hours a day. Taking a kayaking course will not only help me for the MOMAR race, but it could be the first step to something new.
  8. Find our dream campervan and live the #Vanlife
    vanlife instagrammers

    I’ve been looking at all the campervans on sale in Ontario for months now. I’m pretty set on a Dodge campervan as they’re reasonably spacey and not too expensive. Here’s hoping we find one come February!
  9. Speak French in Montreal
    Montreal is the city that made me fall in love with Canada before and I can’t wait to go back.
  10. See the geysers at Yellowstone
    The incredible colours of Old Faithful have been on my list for years. I’ll definitely be visiting Yellowstone at some point!
  11. Learn to deal with a Canadian winter
    Us Brits think we get cold weather but it’s nothing compared to Canada. Learning to deal with the sorts of temperatures they get in Toronto is going to be a challenge but it’s one I’m excited by.
  12. Ski lots
    And lots. And lots.
  13. Visit the Everglades
    everglades florida america bucket list

    Florida’s Everglades look incredible although I’ll be steering well clear of any angry crocs in the water!
  14. See the White House
    Despite the fact someone less than favourable will be president, I’d like to get a few scrapbook photos in front of The White House.
  15. Hike a mountain
    Any mountain, any trek – got any suggestions?
  16. Go Celeb spotting in Hollywood
    I don’t follow the celebrity goss but I do love some people watching and I’d love to do some celeb spotting while in Hollywood.
  17. Trek to the Hollywood Sign
    hollywood sign america bucket list

    I’m on the hunt for the Hollywood sign. Hopefully I won’t get lost!
  18. Learn to Snowboard
    I’ve had a few snowboarding lessons before. My first one was pretty much disastrous, the second was a bit better. I’d love to give it another go.
  19. Learn to skateboard
    I also want to give skateboarding a go. Not tricks and things I just think it’d be cool to skateboard down the promenade somewhere.
  20. Run a marathon
    We have this grand plan of training for a marathon while we’re travelling. Who knows if it’ll happen…
  21. Watch an American Football game
    american footbal game america bucket list

    I might not understand the rules but I’m willing to try and learn. It’s all about the entertainment and the cheerleaders anyway!
  22. See Big Sur
    One of the world’s most gorgeous stretches of coastline?
  23. Swim in the ocean
    Either the Pacific or the Atlantic. I don’t mind!
  24. See whales in Vancouver
    Vancouver’s Victoria Island is home to killer whales, or Orcas, I really want to go and see them!
  25. See the Golden Gate Bridge
    golden gate bridge america

    Adding to this I’d like to walk or cycle over it.
  26. Visit Banff
    For some skiing, camping, trekking and general exploring!
  27. Win a few dollars in Vegas
    We probably wouldn’t win but we did manage to double our money in Macau!
  28. Experience the Calgary Stampede
    I don’t know much about the Calgary Stampede but I’d like to soak up the atmosphere.
  29. Eat a Philly Cheesesteak
    philly cheese steak american bucket list
  30. Listen to live country music in Nashville
    Because where else can you enjoy a little bit of country?
  31. Drive Miami to Key West
    miami keywest bridge american road trip

    Look at that bridge!
  32. Watch Baseball
    Again, I don’t really know the rules. It’s just like rounders, right?
  33. Swim in one of the Great Lakes
    America’s Great Lakes look absolutely gorgeous and I’d love a wild swim in them!
  34. Stroll on Venice Beach
    venice beach america road trip bucket list

    Or skateboard with my new found skills…
  35. Visit Glacier National Park
    Up in Montana’s Rocky Mountains is Glacier National Park and it looks gorgeous!
  36. Get lost in Redwood National Park
    redwood national park america bucket list

    Because I don’t think I’ll ever see trees this impressive elsewhere!
  37. See Mount Rushmore
    One of those sites you really have to tick off!
  38. Go hipster in Portland
    More of a hipster’s paradise than Shoreditch I want to see what all the fuss is about in Portland.
  39. Find a flat in Vancouver
    One with a little balcony please?
    vancouver america bucket list
  40. Eat a proper slice of New York pizza
    It’s got to be done! A nice big slice of Italian New York pizza has my name on.
  41. Eat fried chicken in Memphis
    I’ve read that you should forget all about healthy eating in Memphis. Fried chicken it is then.
  42. Meet cowboys in Montana
    montana cowboys america bucket list

    Our cowboy experience in Uruguay was one of the best things we did. I’d love to find something similar in Montana.
  43. Watch ice hockey in Canada
    I’ve seen a few ice hockey games and always really enjoyed them. I’ll definitely be finding one to watch in Canada and adopting a team for a few years.
  44. Stay in a log cabin
    canada log cabin north america bucket list

    Yes please.
  45. Explore Yosemite
    One of America’s best known National Parks, Yosemite had to be on this list. I want to explore the waterfalls and find some wildlife.
  46. Try snowshoeing
    Given that there’s so much countryside to explore and a likely a lot of snow, I’d love to strap on some snowshoes and go adventuring.
  47. Drive through the desert
    Because you can’t do that in many places.
  48. Go back to New York
    new york america road trip

    I went to New York when I was about 12 or 13 and I’m really looking forward to going back again.
  49. Practise mountain biking
    I want to ride the trails in Canada and practise for my adventure race in Canada!
  50. See the Northern Lights
    Is this the year we catch sight of the mysterious lights?
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