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The one thing that is DEFINITELY in my suitcase for Canada

The one thing that is DEFINITELY in my suitcase for Canada

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the north face thermoball jacket

Although the big move to Canada is only three weeks ago, I haven’t really even begun to think about what I’m going to pack. I know I’ll be fairly limited (aiming for one big suitcase and my skis) but as to what exactly goes in that suitcase? I’ll figure it out in the last week or so I s’pose.

There is ONE thing I know for sure I’ll be taking though and that’s my North Face Thermoball Jacket. Since being sent this last month from Black’s I’ve hardly taken it off.

It’s super cosy and totally easy to move in. You know you get some jackets where you can’t really bend your arms properly? That’s not the case with this. In fact, it feels more like you’re wearing a hoody, only it’s much, much warmer thanks to the Thermoball technology. North Face’s Thermoball technology creates tiny little air pockets which trap in warmth and works even when wet.

Whilst the sleeves are more fleecy in texture they too somehow keep me warm when wet (I’ve been caught in a couple of downpours recently!).

And whilst I’m not quite sure anything will fully prepare me for the coldness of a Canadian winter, I’m sure having this Thermoball Jacket to put on as an extra layer will definitely help me adjust!

Furthermore if you’re like me and find that jumpers and t-shirts always seem to end a good few inches before the end of your arm, you’ll be pleased to know the sleeves on The North Face Thermoball jacket are a proper length. The hood is nice and large too and even when my hair’s tied up the hood stays snuggly on my head. It’s the little things.

northface thermoball jacket