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Ever landed somewhere abroad on your own and wished there was an easy way to meet up with people travelling there too? If you’re staying in a hostel meeting up with travellers doesn’t always require a huge amount of effort, but if you’ve opted for a hotel or an Airbnb then meeting fellow travellers, or locals who like to travel, can be quite difficult.

That’s where Outbound comes in! Outbound positions itself as ‘the app where travellers connect’ and, thought it’s still very early days (Outbound has only been about for a few weeks!), it looks extremely promising as a new social network for travellers. It’s got some fantastic features including a wifi finder where you can find wifi points saved by other travellers for your own use!

Outbound was created by Ryan and Mark, two travel lovers who noticed there was no efficient way for travellers to connect with other travellers when they arrived at a destination. Facebook just wasn’t cutting it. Outbound’s aim is to simply make travelling easier and to help travellers connect.


outbound app

The Noticeboard feature of the Outbound App is allows you to ask fellow Outbounders any question. It could be asking for a lift somewhere, tips on how to get around London or ideas from others about where to travel to next. You can filter the noticeboard to only see messages from people within 20km of you, or help travellers worldwide!


Sometimes when you arrive in a new place you can be at a bit of a loss of what to do. With the Outbound app yyou can simply click on to the events section and see what’s happening nearby. The events are created and posted by other users of the app and can include anything from conferences, gigs, drinks at a bar or walking and day trips. You can see whoelse is going, where it is and contact the host if you have any questions about the event. A great way to meet new people!

Wifi Finder

How many times have you been out and about (whether travelling or not) and desperately needed some wifi? I’m guessing that’s happened a fair few times. It has to me at least.

outbound app

With the wifi finder on Outbound you’ll always know where to get wifi nearby. I was surprised at the amount of free wifi within a few kilometers of me and if you discover a new source of wifi you can add it to the app for fellow travellers to use next time they’re in the area!

You can also access the wifi finder without internet. Simply open the feature when you get to a new destination with wi-fi and save the locations.

Search & Explore

With the search feature you can search for travellers using the Outbound app near your location. You can message them to ask questions, get tips, get together for sightseeing, or even just for a beer! No matter what type of traveller you are, Outbound has you covered. The app’s search feature lets you search for fellow travellers by traveller type, age, gender, location and more.

If, like me, you’ve ever wondered who is travelling to your destination at the same time, you can now find out by using Outbound. The ‘next travel’ feature on outbound allows you to put in your destination, and the dates you are going, and then lists all of the other travellers with similar plans. Message them for advice, tips, recommendations or simply make plans to meet up.

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Get Outbound

Outbound is free and available on Apple iOs and Android.