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Pain et Cie, Grenoble

Pain et Cie, Grenoble

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No long weekend is complete without a lazy breakfast. If you need proof then check out the times it happened in both Oslo and Paris. Y’see? Long weekends need at least one lazy brunch. Luckily I knew the perfect place for this on a recent long weekend to Grenoble. Brunch at Pain et Cie is always a good idea!

As part of my university degree I spent a year living and working in Grenoble.

It had been three years since I’d left and the first time I’d gone back since. I was quite excited to show my boyfriend around and see what had changed.

Fortunately, one place hadn’t changed at all; I’d have been pretty upset if it had! That place is Pain et Cie, a café/restaurant in the old town of Grenoble that serves delicious bread with exceptional spreads, pastries, and, from the looks of it, a great lunch too.

When I lived in Grenoble, Pain et Cie was the place I took my parents too every time they visited. A bit of a tradition if you will. It’s the sort of place they, and I, love. A big wooden table that can be shared, a strong smell of coffee, and tasty, ‘proper’ bread.

A review of Pain et Cie in Grenoble

Grenoble Pain et Cie Grenoble Pain et Cie Grenoble Pain et Cie Grenoble Pain et Cie Grenoble Pain et Cie Grenoble Pain et CieGrenoble Pain et Cie

We’re a hungry pair and quickly set about ordering our breakfast. For me yoghurt, bread, fresh orange juice and coffee and two pain au chocolat and coffee for him too.

My favourite thing about this place? The spreads available. Besides the scrumptious home made jams; blackcurrant, blueberry apricot or marmalade, there’s options for those of us with a sweet tooth. Prepare yourselves though, you’ll find it difficult to stop piling the spreads high on your bread. Choose between white chocolate, nutella and speculoos spreads. All of them delicious.

Whilst it’s hard to pick a favourite, for me it has to be the white chocolate. So thick, so creamy, so chocolatey. Perfect.

Where to find Pain et Cie

1 Bis Rue Lafayette, 38000 Grenoble

Grenoble Pain et Cie

Where to go after Pain et Cie

In an attempt to walk of a tiny percentage of breakfast we headed off on a wander around Grenoble. For me this was a chance to show my boyfriend all the places I used to go to when I lived there; which market I’d buy my fruit and vegetables at, where I lived and where I went to the gym (all the fun stuff!).

Grenoble Pain et Cie

Markets in Grenoble

My favourite market, marché d’estaclade, is only on towards the end of the week and weekends. But, it being France, there’s always a market on somewhere in Grenoble!

This market, marché Saint Bruno sells everything from huge pairs of underwear to batteries and even fruit and vegetables.

Grenoble Pain et Cie Grenoble Pain et Cie Grenoble Pain et Cie Grenoble Pain et Cie
Grenoble if a funny old place. It’s full of odd characters but has a certain charm to it. Perhaps that’s to do with it being surrounded by the beautiful snow-capped Alps?

Charlene Moore (@tartanmouth)

Tuesday 24th of March 2015

I have to admit that lazy breakfasts are one of my favourite things about the weekend (I'm so rock and roll, I know). There is nothing better than taking your time to eat good food, drink hot drinks and talk to your loved ones - especially because my breakfast during the week is usually a bowl of instant porridge at my desk!

Grenoble looks incredible - I can't imagine living somewhere where I can see the Alps surrounding me as I walk around town!



Wednesday 25th of March 2015

It was lovely living there and seeing that view everyday! Lazy breakfasts are totally the best thing about the weekend! I'm with you on that! x


Monday 23rd of March 2015

oooh, that latte is just perfection! Love all the chocolate spreads in the jars, what a cool idea instead of the usual jam!


Wednesday 25th of March 2015

They look cool don't they! I'm surprised I haven't seen many hipster caf├ęs in London doing it