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(*This is an old post revived for Pancake Day.)

Happy pancake day! Do people say that? I don’t know, but they probably should. Eating pancakes sounds like a good enough reason to be happy to me! I know what I’m going to be putting on my pancakes, including a topping that will revolutionise your day. Seriously. It’s that good.

When I lived in France we used to eat pancakes, or crepes if you will, a lot. We’d hold parties where we’d all go round someone’s house and get one of the girls’ French boyfriends to cook up the crepes whilst we decided how to top them. Everyone would bring a topping so there’d always be tonnes of choice covering sweet and savoury, of course.

Pancake day back at home seems to focus heavily on sweet toppings; lemon and sugar, Tunnock’s teacakes (see below for top tips!), Nutella and bacon with Maple syrup. (I’m counting bacon in sweet because it’s swimming in Maple Syrup…).

The key to good pancakes is having a really, really hot pan. But don’t be disappointed if the first one doesn’t work. It never really does. And at least it means you’ll have something to nibble on while you cook the others!

Oh, you just want to know about that revolutionary topping? Okay. I’ll tell you. Grab a Tunnock’s teacake. Smoosh it a bit so some of the marshmallow-y goodness comes out. Once your pancake has cooked on one side and you’ve successfully flipped it put the teacake upside down on the pancake while the other side is cooking. Wait for the chocolate and marshmallow to melt and move it about to cover the pancake. Enjoy! It really is so good!
What’s your favourite topping?

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