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Paraty Brazil


The journey by bus from São Paulo to Rio isn’t exactly long (especially when compared to some bus journeys we’ve done!), but we broke it up with a couple of stops along the way. Paraty was one of them.

Knowing pretty much next to nothing about Paraty before we arrived I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I fell a bit in love with the cobbled streets and photograph opportunities everywhere you looked. Without a doubt the most photographic town we’ve visited so far.

Paraty is the perfect place to relax with a chilled out atmosphere and beaches. If we’d had longer I would have loved to jump on a boat and visit Trinidade; its beaches looked gorgeous!

Where’s the most photographic town you’ve been?

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  1. I think the most photogenic town I’ve been to is Bruges, but most photogenic place, has to be a national park of some kind.
    These are lovely pictures, I love being pleasantly surprised by a place.

  2. […] Check the weather. There doesn’t have to be the promise of sunshine, but just make sure you’re prepared. Think raincoats, umbrellas, and wellies. Oh, and make sure your tent doesn’t have a hole in AND isn’t put up inside out. Both of these have happened to me on camping trip. Tents tend not to work that well when they’re inside out (I’m looking at you campsite man from Paraty…) […]