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Peru Take II : Pocitas Beach, Mancora

Sunset in Mancora

I think I’ve found my favourite beach ever.

We flew from Buenos Aires back to Lima and got straight on a 17 hour bus journey to Mancora in the very north of Peru. Possibly the nicest bus we’ve been on – great reclining seats with its very own ‘bus hostess’, who walked up and down serving drinks and food.
Before coming to Peru I’d never heard of Mancora, but travellers all over the place had been talking about this surfers’ paradise with beautiful beaches, 30 degree heat all year round, zero humidity and a cooling breeze. It sounded perfect.
We spent five days doing nothing not much more than sitting under parasols, reading, sipping on milkshakes and slathering on the factor 50.
After three days in the beach in the centre of Mancora we headed over to Pocitas beach, a 15minute drive away by mototaxi.
Pocitas is iften referred to as Peru’s most beautiful beach, it wasn’t hard to see why. Golden sand stretched on for miles in both directions. Brazil seems to receive the most attention for its beaches, but Pocitas beach is by far my favourite South American beach. It was almost completely desserted, nobackpackers from Loki Hostel (party hostel) talking about last night’s conquest, just clear blue sky and the right amount of wind to keep you cool.


We listened to the gentle crashing of the waves, watched the birds dive into the sea, fish jump out of the sea, crabs scuttle over the sand as the tide came in and tried to capture the beauty of the sunset.


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  1. What a beautiful place. I love that first photo!