Fancy a slurp of the world’s most expensive pho? Well you can! That’s if you’ve got £1000 to spare on a very special meal for you and one other lucky person of course. But even if you don’t have £1000 to spend you should definitely get yourselves down to Pho and Bun on Shaftesbury avenue for a Vietnamese feast that will transports you to the bustling streets of Hanoi.

Pho and Bun has become the go to place for hungry Londoners looking for some fresh steamed bao bun burgers and delicious 24hr simmered pho. I’d sure heard of their delicious pho and buns, but hadn’t made it down to Shaftesbury Avenue yet to give them a try. In fact, I’d never tried a bao at all despite them being all over social media and me making promises to myself to taste one!

But back to the main event, the world’s most expensive pho…

Pho and Bun’s SuperPho. The World’s most expensive pho

Owner Andy Le came up with the ideas as a way to raise money for charity. The starting price of a bowl of this pho, big enough for two people, is £1,000 and if you’re feeling hungry (and flashy) then check it out on eBay. All the money from this pho feast will go to Action Against Hunger.

But how could a bowl of pho possibly cost £1000? Well, this bowl of pho is no normal pho, it’s a SuperPho!

pho and bun review

It’s taken Andy Le and his head chef Graeme two months to prepare. The beef stock will be cooked for 72 hours using a whole leg of dry aged beef. The beef in question is A5 grade Kobe beef which is retail priced at a shocking £600/kg making it the most expensive in the market!

Kobe beef is extremely rare (hence the cost) and it’s difficult to make. Did you know that the cows which produce this beef are fed a specialised diet which includes corn and pineapple? They also get a regular massage to maintain their muscle tone which makes for a deliciously tender cut.

All the other ingredients in the SuperPho are organic and the fish sauce has even been imported from Vietnam for a truly authentic taste.

Then the noodles. The SuperPho noodles are to made fresh on the day of your pho feast and will be hand cut to precision.

Top this tasty bowl of pho off with some white truffle and you’ve got yourself a mouth-watering bowl of SuperPho.

I can vouch for it’s taste. Not too salty like other phos I’ve tasted and full of flavour. The kobe beef lived up to expectations and is without a doubt the most tender I’ve tried. Although I don’t think I’ll be adding it to my shopping list just yet!

Besides the SuperPho, the meal also consists of a summer roll with lobster and Oscietra caviar and the spring roll with Canadian crab, lobster and free range black pork.

Don’t quite have £1000? Here’s something more affordable at Pho and Bun

pho and bun review

So if, like me, you can’t afford £1000 on a bowl of pho then don’t despair. Pho and Bun serve up affordable, equally delicious dishes.

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Both of the restaurant’s namesake, the Pho and the Bun, should be tried on your visit. The fresh, flavourful pho noodle soup is a Vietnamese classic that’ll satisfy your taste buds whilst leaving a little bit of room for the bao bun burger.

I tried the world’s most expensive pho but all the pho at Pho and Bun is made with only the freshest herbs and organic free range meat. I also loved the bowls it came in. With its own little lid which keeps it warm on its journey from the kitchen and is then used as a herb plate (plus looks great in photos…).

Having never tried a bao before I wasn’t sure what to expect. I ordered the confit pork belly bao and was surprised at just how pillowy the bun was. It’s a little bit sticky but deliciously milky and soft. The confit pork was so juicy and flavoursome and perfect with Pho and Bun’s signature smoky mayonnaise sauce. I think I could quite happily eat them for days.

pho and bun review

I’ve yet to travel to Vietnam, but you can rest assured that if the food’s this good it won’t be too long before I head over there.

Are you a fan of Vietnamese food?