What’s your dream? The thing you want to do more than anything else?

It doens’t have to be big and it sure doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If it’s your dream you should do everything you can to reach it.

Just get out there and make it happen.

When Linda Vydra got in contact with me about her new venture it was her focus on helping women to chase their dreams and inspiring them to do more of what they love that got me excited. Of course, it helped that her product looked pretty cool too!

Linda is the woman behind Pins to kill which launches today. Pins to kill is an online customisable clothing website based in Melbourne but anyone, whereever in the world they are can get their hands on Pins to kill goodies.

Starting with leggings, the Pins to kill site allows you to customise your own pair or choose from one of their pre-made designs.

pins to kill leggings

I love my bold lemon print leggings – something very different to what I’d normally go for!

They were just perfect for roaming around the archipelago in and they’ll definitely brighten up my runs in park and the climbing wall where I’ve just started bouldering.

pins to kill leggings

The ballet dancers, adventurers, surfers, rock climbers and mountaineers behind Pins to kill have helped to build a community of dream chasers. The whole brand is based on getting out there and doing what you love, chasing that dream whatever it looks like.

From all the brands out there, Pins to kill’s mission has to be one of the best I’ve heard of.

Leggings are pretty much the ultimate piece of clothing for the keen adventurer. They pack up small, keep you pretty warm and they’re durable too.

Oh, and have you ever tried hiking up a mountain in a dress or skirt? Or even jeans for that matter… Yeah it’s not easy. Leggings are totally the way to go!

Whatever you pack in your adventure bag I suggest you include a pair of leggings from Pins to kill in there. Who knows what dreams you’ll catch when wearing them!

pins to kill leggings

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