travel link up september places I can't forgetEveryone has those palces they can’t get out of their head whether for better or for worse. Hopefully the majority of these fall into the former and are places you can’t forget for great reasons. Fortunately this is the case for me, but there’s still those places I won’t be forgetting about any time soon for, shall we say, not so delightful memories…

For better:

The Beach Paradise One | Mancora, Peru:

Pocitas Beach peru

After two months of solid travel around South America (check out our south American itinerary here, it really was go, go, go!), we decided to spend (almost) a whole week in the same place. We choose Mancora in Peru as we’d had some pretty cold and rainy weather throughout our time in Uruguay, Argentina and Bolivia and had heard sunshine was pretty much a given in this seaside town in northern Peru.

Fortunately, those hostel rumours came true and Mancora was most definitely hot. It was a blissful week of books, milkshakes, and lounging around by the sea. I can say that the beach at Pocitas (a short mototaxi ride away from central Mancora) quickly became my favourite beach ever, and if you know my love for Old Hunstanton beach in Norfolk you know I don’t say this lightly!

The Loved Up One | On top of Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Oslo

I don’t often talk about the lovey-dovey stuff but Oslo holds a special place in my heart. On a blustery winter’s day in November 2013 my boyfriend of a year (a whole year!) finally plucked up the courage to tell me he loved me. We were both scared by this revelation, although I was verging more towards overjoyed. I think taking the ski jump would have scared him less than saying I love you… So yes, Holmenkollen ski jump is one place I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Holmenkollen Oslo ski jump

The First of Many Adventures One | Mount Vesuvius, Italy

The first family holiday abroad after my younger brother and sister were born (well, the first I remember anyway) was to Italy. We stayed in a big, green Eurocamp tent which I have since come to realise was the first stage of clamping. It wasn’t a big wigwam/tipee type thing but it did have camp beds and a fridge and a cooker; who knew Eurocamp were such trendsetters!?

Anyway, on this holiday we visited Pompeii and climbed up Mount Vesuvius. I was 6, my sister 4 and my brother just about 3. My parents were probably a bit ambitious trying to take us all up to the top of Mount Vesuvius. Perhaps that’s why only my sister and Dad made it up…

I gave up about ¾ of the way up the volcano. I had jelly shoes on and it was hot and dusty. I was only 6 and my feet hurt. My Mum has since told me my brother was given a lollipop by an old lady but I, who was pulling a stop, wasn’t given one – not cute enough apparently.

You’re probably wondering why this is included in the good list? Well, it was the first holiday I remember, and despite the strop and not quite making it to the top it was a pretty cool thing to say you’ve seen and done at the age of 6! I also bought a sparkly, glittery cat made out of the debris from the volcano, so there’s that…

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For worse:

The Dodgy Tummy One | La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia

It’s not that I didn’t like La Paz. It’s that I wasn’t in the best of ways by the time we reached the high altitude Bolivian capital. I don’t know if it was the chicken sandwich we picked up at a bus station during our 16 hour bus journey, or something else but my stomach was definitely suffering from a month of strange meals and funny water. Let’s just say my time in La Paz feels as though it was mostly spent on the toilet…

The ‘Pretty-Sure-I-Got-Hypothermia’ One | Dover, England

In November 2012 I decided it would be a fantastic idea to take part in a charity hitchhike for Practical Action. Jailbreak involves escaping from your university campus with no money and seeing how far you can get in 36 hours Naturally, most people head down towards Dover with hopes of getting a lift across the Channel on the ferry.

November nights in England are COLD. Standing at Dover all night, in the rain, with not enough clothing to keep me warm means I won’t be forgetting about Dover anytime soon. I’m pretty sure I was verging on hypothermia given I couldn’t stop shivering until I’d spent several hours in the warmth… On the plus I know the ins and outs of Dover pretty well and we did eventually get a lift all the way to Paris!

The Place Where My Life Flashed Before My Eyes One | Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park Elephant encounter south africa

I’ve documented the time I felt I was living Jurassic Park for real before on the blog. However, I really did think it was the end when a huge male elephant stopped within milimetres of our car window and checked us all out making eye contact with me. As my Dad reached for the camera to take a picture I was sure the elephant would make an effortless flick of it’s trunk and flip our car often before crushing us into smithereens. Obviously this didn’t happen but I’ll never forget the scene in Kruger Park where we stopped our car and cut the engine (as you’re advised to do) whilst the elephant stomped his way on down the road towards us…

What places can’t you get out of your head for better or worse?

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