I still dream of the creamy burrata I feasted on at Pulia last summer.

Now there’s another excuse to indulge in some creamy burrata goodness: Pulia’s new brunch menu!

Pulia brunch menu london

Georges and his team decided to celebrate being open for a year by introducing their tasty new brunch menu.

When you combine Pulia’s tasty, authentic Italian food and the fact that it’s brunch (perhaps the best meal of the day?), then you’ve got a winning combination!

Pulia brunch menu london

Georges kindly treated a group of us to a tasting (read: feasting) of the Pulia’s brunch menu and it didn’t disappoint!

Pulia brunch menu london

We started things off with some delicious strong, Italian coffee, juices and a glance at the new menu to excite the tastebuds.

From the beautiful interior that I fell in love with the first time to the creamy burrata, brilliant coffee, and delicious capocollo ham and eggs served on proper bread, you can’t afford to miss out on something this good!

Pulia brunch menu londonPulia brunch menu london

For a real taste of Pulian breakfast make sure you try the panzerotti, a bit like an Italin cornish pasty but so, SO much better; Pulia’s burrata (of course) and some pasticciotti to finish. They’re small Italian pastries and Pulia’s lemon flavoured ones are even better when dipped in the mandarin olive oil!

Pulia brunch menu london

If you really can’t bare to stray from eggs and avocado then don’t worry, Georges has included that in some dishes too!


Brunch menu every Saturday until 12:30pm and Sundays until 1.30pm.

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