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Rio’s favelas (slums) are infamous. They’re synonymous with shootings, drug crime, muggings, dirt – pretty much anything bad. Nobody really talks about anything good happening. So why on Earth would we want to go visit one, especially the biggest of the lot with around 300,000 inhabitants?

rochina favela adventures review tour rio de Janeiro brazil

Put simply I guess it was curiosity. I don’t mean we just wanted to stare at people in their homes like going to a zoo, but to really get a feel for how such a large part if Rio’s population live, and to see if the hearsay about all the danger was true.

Rochina Favela Adventures Review

Zezinho, the owner of Favela Adventures, was born in the favela. His company now gives back to the people who live there.

He only hires people who live in the favela as tour guides, so you get the truth from a local’s point of view. He found out what the people of Rochina wanted and set up a DJ school which is completely free to attend and he also donates to schools and clubs within the favela that don’t receive any funding.

Favela Adventures is not for profit and possibly the best way to visit the favelas without feeling you’re intruding.

Starting at the top of Rochina we met Zezinho and a few other guides. Outside of the World Cup they run about 4 tours a week, currently it’s 2 a day, so our group was quite big but, with two guides, there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

rochina favela adventures tour rio de Janeiro brazil

First we headed up to see views over the beach, rainforest and of Christ the Redeemer. The favelas have the best views in Rio.

rochina favela adventures tour rio de Janeiro brazil<
rochina favela adventures tour rio de Janeiro brazil

We headed down through alley ways, past houses stacked on top of each other, and crazy looking electrics (stuff you’d miss if you were in a jeep).

We stopped at another great view point and watched as hundreds of kites were dipping and diving through the evening sky. It’s a popular activity in the favela, and didn’t seem to be reserved just for children. We watched a few kite battles – where the aim is to cut the line of another kite – and headed down another alley way.

rochina favela adventures tour rio de Janeiro brazil

We continued on, winding our way down alley ways, and met some children who live in Rochina, joining them for a game of football. They definitely had some skills and I think they beat our English/Aussie/Canadian team every game. Some women walking  past stopped to cheer for Brazil; clearly loving every second of it!

rochina favela adventures tour rio de Janeiro brazil

rochina favela adventures tour rio de Janeiro brazilrochina favela adventures tour rio de Janeiro brazil

Afterwards we visited the DJ school and learnt more about Zezinho and his plans. Then we headed to a restaurant in Rochina for dinner.

If you find yourself in Rio and want to visit a favela I’d highly recommend Favela Adventures, it’s fairly priced at 65 reals and you can be safe in the knowledge you’re doing more good than bad.

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