There’s something about camping that I love. The feeling of peace as you zip open the canvas and look out on to the fields and trees, hear the birds singing and smell the bacon being cooked by nearby campers. The sound of rain pitter-pattering when you’re all snug in blankets and sleeping bags, the sense of achievement when the fire finally starts to take and the texture of oozing marshmallows cooked in the flames.

Sleeping outdoors feels like a real adventure; even if it’s only in the back garden.

As a country girl at heart, my bank holiday camping trip was particularly welcome after spending the last few months in London where I can only open my blinds to the busy streets of Brixton with it’s constant hum of traffic and buses at a standstill.

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Camping has come a long way from when our family holidays always used to involve a tent. My Mum was always prepared packing an assortment of knives (I’m sure she’s the only one to think to pack a bread knife!), kitchen roll, peanut butter (of course) and enough tables and chairs for the whole group. Since these holidays the only times I’ve camped have been while travelling and it’s been out of necessity rather than desire. This bank holiday I fell in love with camping all over again.

One essential component of any good camping trip is a comfy sleeping bag and I think I’ve found the one. So cosy I described it to my kitesurfing buddies as “like sleeping in a double bed”, my new double sleeping bag by SilverFox Travel & Outdoors gets my stamp of approval.

silverfox travel and outdoors double sleeping bag
“It’s just a sleeping bag how good can it be?” I know it seems like I’m exaggerating, but really this sleeping bag was so, so cosy. Sometimes in a single sleeping bag things get a bit claustrophobic. It’s not easy to turn over and the material is a bit restricting. I move about a lot when I sleep so sleeping bags and I don’t always get on.

Sharing this double sleeping bag was a different story. Both myself and my boyfriend had plenty of room. The same amount of room as a double bed in fact. Which is why I compared the sleeping bag to sleeping in bed. I could wiggle around as could he, without waking the other one up.

It wasn’t just the size of the sleeping bag that impressed me. It was also how soft and cosy it felt. When the sleeping bag arrived in the post we both jumped into it on the sofa just to make sure it was big enough. We were then very tempted to just stay in it whilst watching some TV as it was that cosy. The Highlander sleeping bag has an extra soft feel lining sewn into it to make it extra cosy on your camping adventures.

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If you’ve ever been camping you’ll know what a struggle it is to try and pack up the sleeping bag when your trip has come to the end. The bag it came from seems to have miraculously shrunk. It just seems impossible that the sleeping bag came out of that very same bag.

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Fortunately, that wasn’t a problem with the sleeping bag from SilverFox. The carry bag is big enough to stuff the sleeping bag into without any issues, saving any frustration from folding and refolding your sleeping bag in a mad effort to make the damn thing fit!

The only downside to the Highlander 2 Season Sleeping bag? It did get a little bit chilly in the tent at night. The 2 season rating means that you’re most comfortable in temperatures around 8 degrees celsius, but should be okay to 5 degrees. Even though it was the end of May it was probably a little chillier than this over night. An extra jumper (or a quick cuddle) soon sorts that out though!
Highlander 2 Season Double Sleeping Bag from Silverfox Travel & Outdoors
Price: £24.99
Size: 140 x 190cm